A Huge Team Thank You....

In July

Goal Setting as a Team!

WOW! A simple word for how hard we all work as a team in June. I came just shy of achieving my goal of Star Stylist this month but re-promoted to Senior Stylist along the way and I couldn't have done it without the help of all of you. I knew the goal would be a long shot in the midst of my recovery, but the great thing about goals is that you are that much closer to achieving them once they are set and you start reaching for them. I know it is not a matter of if I will promote to Star but a matter of when and I am enjoying the ride in getting there.

With the new collection around the corner, July is a great time to take a minute and think about what your goals are with Stella & Dot. Whether it is a consistent number of trunk shows and sales, a certain career rank or to have fun and earn a little extra, we have to know where we are going to to get there. I would love to know what your personal goals are and help you achieve them! Feel free to reach out and let me help you with a plan. Summer Sample Sales are a great idea to get bookings for the fall and earn money towards the fabulous new jewels.

The Fall Rallies have been posted in the lounge, so make sure to register for one close to you. Come see me at the Kitchener one on Monday July 29th (http://kitchenerwaterloofallrallystelladot.eventbrite.com/) Keep an eye out in your inbox. I will be messaging you from Hoopla with faves and must haves! So excited that our latest team member Geralyn will be joining me. Keep reading for some fun things that are in store for you!


PS Congrats to the Beautiful Bride on our team, Lisa Haynes who is getting ready to take a walk down the aisle in Jamaica. Danielle will be there to celebrate as well. Have a great time ladies!!!


Here is how our Team Sales Stacked up Free Jewelry for the Fall Collection:

Nicole Petersen $3303.25 ($300 Stack Up, $100 Consistency Bonus)
Gerayln Miller $2235.00 ($200 Stack Up, $450 Jump Start, Free Earrings)
Laura Davey $1308.00 ($100 Stack Up, and Free Earrings)
Allison Stephens $1182.00 ($100 Stack Up, $100 Consistency Bonus, Free Earrings)
Lisa Haynes $1104.00 ($100 Stack Up and Free Earrings)
Danielle Semple $1030 ($100 Stack Up and Free Earrings)

And Congrats to our "Operation Outside Order" winners of $25 gift card

Team BBQ

Saturday, Aug. 10th 2013 at 5pm

Puslinch, ON, Canada

4057 Side Road 10 South

A fun and casual event celebrating you! Come out get to know each other better, browse the new collection and celebrate each others successes. Camp fire to follow for those able to stay! RSVP by Aug 4th

Sell $1200 in jewelry in July and receive a 20 minute Massage/Reiki session!

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