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Why has the population of nerds gone down? Is it because nobody knows what's going on in MLP, Comics, and Movies? Read this; it'll help ALOT!


What's Going On?

After the DC COMICS event Flashpoint, DC launched a brand new beginning with new #1 issues, titles, characters, and costumes! It was a wonderful success.

The Top 5 Titles for New 52

1. Batman

2. Suicide Squad

3. Justice League

4. Nightwing

5. Aquaman

MARVEL COMICS' response after the Flashpoint-like event called AvX, where THE AVENGERS fought THE X MEN, was MARVEL NOW! Which has proved to be great, even though only reaching their second issues.

The Top 5 Titles for Marvel Now!

1. Thor: God of Thunder

2. Fantastic Four

3. All New X Men

4. Deadpool

5. Uncanny Avengers

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