Social Media Digital Citizenship Brief By: Abraham Nuno

Purpose and History of Tinder

Tinders is a dating and social communication App which is connected to Facebook which helps you meet people who are interested in having a relationship by swiping profiles that fit your type.

Tinder was launched 2012 and by 2014 it had more than one billion swipes per day,Tinder was one of the first swiping right for potential dates or to swipe left to find a different fish in the sea.

Pros and Cons of Tinder


1. Its easy to use

2. Fast growing user population

3.Connected to Facebook which means real users

4. to message a user both people have to like each others profile


1.Tinder requires a Facebook account

2.Your book is based on its cover

3.The free app version has limited swipes

4.Unknown people can tell your personality for example your emotional stability and your 5.Self esteem just based on photos.

6.You really don't know the person until you meet them personally

Personal Relevance

Tinder is a great way to get involve with other people outside of your town. I've used in different occasions and it is very reliable the profiles on Tinder very attracting . Many people i've asked about their tinder experiences and most have said that Tinder is a back up for when you cant seem to find a person for example at the mall and most of the people . A couple people i ask told me that they haven't tried Tinder because it sounded too good to be true.

Safety,Tips,and Netiquette

Ignore any request to send money avoid giving financial info including social security number credit card number ,ETC. Stay anonymous as long as you want until you have gained that persons trust. Don’t leave your personal contact info on your tinder profile.

Spam/Scammers There are red flags to watch out for that may indicate you're dealing with a scammer.

Be aware of:

Messages that have links to unknown or third-party websites

Immediately ask for your number to talk outside of tinder

Disappears mysteriously then pops back up using a different account

Asks for your address to send you a gift which is often a lie

Its important for you to meet in a public place for you first love fest

Inform your parents about your plans before you leave for your first date.

Last but not least if you are planning to commit any Adultery on the first date many horrify things have happened.

Inform Tinder if you have any problems with a profile user or get weird messages like the examples above.