Rogue Valley Phlebotomy School

Phlebotomy Certification

Rogue Valley Phlebotomy School

Rogue Valley Phlebotomy School is located in Medford, OR. This school obviously focuses on phlebotomy. They offer a 12 week course, plus an additional 11 weeks of practicum. At the end of the 23 week long training program, you will receive a certificate. Students only receive a certificate if they pass the class with an A or B.
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Enrollment & entrance policy

Before you enroll, you must complete the entrance policy. Rogue Valley Phlebotomy School requires a resume and the applicant must be 18 years of age or older. The following be included: three letters of recommendation, official copy of transcripts, copy of immunization records, DMV photo ID, a personal photo, and a letter explaining why you wish to attend the school. Once this packet is completed and turned in, you will be notified that the packet was received. Then, your name will be placed in a waiting list for an upcoming class. When a class is available, the applicant will get called in for an interview. They only except 12 students per class, so if you don't get accepted, you will be placed on another waiting list.


All missing assignments will receive a 0, if it's not completed within 5 days of a missed class. If you have missed 2 days of class and have not made up the assignments, you will be dropped out of the program.


A $25.00 application fee will be asked for during the interview.
Admission Fee:
Registration Fee - $150.00
Tuition - $2,618.00
Student Insurance - $35.00
Books - $202.00
Supplies/Lab Fee - $195.00
Practicum - $625.00
Background Check - $50.00
Drug Screening - $50.00
Total: $3,925.00
All fees are due and payable on Orientation Day.