Edgewood's Tiger Talk

December 8, 2016

Principal's Update

Play has become a hot topic in education in the past couple years. Research highlights the importance of the social skills that children learn through play. These skills lay the foundation for success at school and in the workforce. Here are 17 social skills children need to make and keep friends:

1. Share possessions and space

2. Keep confidences and secrets

3. Offer help

4. Accept other's mistakes

5. Be positive and enthusiastic

6. Hold a conversation

7. Win and lose well

8. Listen to others

9. Ignore someone who is annoying you

10. Give and receive compliments

11. Approach and join a group

12. Lead rather than boss

13. Argue well--see other's opinions

14. Bring others into the group

15. Resist peer pressure

16. Deal with fights and disagreements

17. Be a good host

Reading the above, I think most would also fit on a list of "Social Skills You Need to be a Successful Employee". At school, we teach many of these skills. Good Sportsmanship is a year-long theme in PE. Mrs. Michlig addresses peer pressure. Our work at assemblies and in morning meetings focuses on accepting one another & asking & answering questions. In academics, students learn to argue and disagree with one another respectfully, and how to function as a group. Many other skills--like keeping confidences--are taught in teachable moments.

The upcoming holiday season might provide opportunities to teach these skills at home, too. When playing a game with the family, you might talk about how to win and lose gracefully. When cousins are coming over, you might talk about how when you're hosting, it's important to share your possessions and space. If they're frustrated with sharing, you might teach them to have an inner monologue that goes, "I can have it back when they leave." To develop our children into good friends, we need to let them in on our "social secrets." Often what's obvious to us isn't obvious to a child.

In learning,

Mrs. Boyd

Math Resources (websites, videos, etc.!)

This website provides an overview of the math learned in each grade levels and videos that show strategies, etc.

Pawsitively Edgewood--Character Education

Last year in our Parent Survey, we learned from respondents that instilling confidence in their children was important to Edgewood parents. We heard you and responded by including that character trait in our core values. Confidence, which is so important in many aspects of our lives, is our trait of focus for Nov/Dec/Jan. Assemblies, morning meetings and teachable moments in the classroom all provide opportunities to instill confidence in our students. Acknowledging students for their effort and perseverance can help foster confidence and a strong work ethic. Recognizing that they show courage to take a risk in answering a question or asking for help can help them build confidence and continue this practice. Encouraging students to speak up for what is right helps them build confidence in sharing their thoughts and feelings in their social relationships. We are hearing children use this language spontaneously in academic, social, and athletic situations. We encourage you to carry on the conversation and look for chances to grow confidence in other areas, as well.

PE Update from Mr. Warnecke

In PE 3-5th grade are in their basketball unit. They're working on improving their dribbling, passing, and shooting skills along with low organized basketball games. K-2 students have just finished their volleying and striking unit and will be starting their dribbling and passing unit. All grade levels have been doing an excellent job participating and remembering their gym shoes. Let's continue for a strong finish before holiday break!

Guidance Update from Mrs. Michlig

Students in K and 1 are continuing to practice how to identify and express their feelings and how others are impacted by their responses. 2nd graders have been practicing I-messages and are learning that it often helps to brainstorm and compromise to come up with a win-win solution. 3rd graders have learned the value of positive self-talk and how it helps us be happy most of the time and be confident thinkers. 4th graders have just started a unit on diversity which ties in perfectly with our character trait of acceptance. 5th graders are working on becoming more independent in their conflict resolution skills. This can help them with their disagreements, in addition to helping younger students as our Peer Mediators often do.

Art Update from Mrs. Nolan

Edgewood artist are growing in their art skills each week!

  • Kindergarten artists are learning about patterns in visual art. Their skills are taking off creating Hot Air balloons.
  • 1st and 3rd graders are amazed at the beauty of Great Horned owls. Each class has drawn realistic owls using different methods of art making. (Ms. Nolan shared her recent experience seeing and hearing owls at dawn and dusk)
  • Artist in 2nd grade expand on their previous learning of color theory by working on complementary color compositions. Ask your child what is a complementary color and to name some complementary pairs.
  • 4th graders started with realism and jumped into abstract art by learning about the famous artist Pablo Picasso and making an abstract piece. Now they are becoming architects of their own city scene.
  • Our 5th grade artists completed intricate name designs using limited color and adding pattern in a spiral design. What amazing results! We have now moved into basic weaving techniques on a cardboard loom; a long time tradition of many cultures. Perhaps your child could show you how to warp a loom at home and you can create a weaving together over the break! You simply need a piece of sturdy cardboard and some yarn. Enjoy the peaceful simple weaving process together.

Music Update from Mrs. McClanahan

Music update: Edgewood students are excitedly preparing a special concert for everyone to enjoy on December 20th entitled "Let's Celebrate". Singing, instruments, and movement will all be incorporated into, what we hope will be, a fabulous night!

Winter Weather

Winter is here. We go outside for recess if it is above zero Fahreneheit, including windchill. Please make sure your child has a warm coat, snow pants, boots, a hat, and gloves/mittens. If you are in need of assistance getting winter items, please reach out to Mrs. Boyd or Mrs. Michlig.

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Upcoming Dates

12/10--EHSA Breakfast with Santa @ Edgewood, 9-11am

12/13--December EHSA Meeting, 6:30-7:00pm, Library

12/16--Wear Edgewood Shirts or Orange/Black

12/20--Winter Concert Dress Rehearsal--all students to GHS from ~9-11.

12/20--Winter Concert at the GHS Auditorium, K-2--6:30, Choir and 3-5--7:15

12/26-1/2--Winter Break

1/6--Wear Edgewood Shirts or Orange/Black

1/6--January Parent Coffee, 8:00-8:30am

1/10--January EHSA Meeting, 6:30-7:00pm

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