American Shorthair Cats

(ASH(American ShortHair))


ASHs came from the Mayflower to keep mice from eating their foods and spreading diseases.


American Shorthairs have great hunting instincts, however female ASHs are more hyperactive so they are better mousers.

Mousers-A cat that will hunt mice by instinct

Other facts

American Shorthairs can live for 15+ years and have had selective, detailed breeding for over 100 years. Cats in general are stereotyped that cats and dogs are pure enemies but my two kittens (Liv &Maddie) love Dozer. Dozer is our German Shepard that's 5 times their size yet they love him! :-)


Male cats weigh 12 or more pounds and females weigh 8-12 pounds. Their eye colors can be blue, copper, green, gold, hazel, or they can be odd eyed (two different colors). the ASH is a very powerful feline she has a strong chest, muscular broad neck, strong jaws, & a well developed muzzle.

Cat show requirements

If you want to take an American Shorthair you have to follow rules. You need freshly clipped claws and you may not declaw your cat, groom her neatly so she won't puke hairballs and so she won't shed and they will only show the best mannered and well coated cats.