Animalia Kingdom

Group Members: Christina, Mike, Anthony, and Matt

Kingdom and Domain

Animalia is in the domain called Eukarya. In this kingdom, there is approximately thirty million species. The Animalia kingdom is one of the biggest kingdoms and has the most species in it.

Most Interesting Kingdom in the World

Animalia Cells

The type of cells in this kingdom are called Eukaryotic. Eukaryotic means that a cell characterized by a district membrane-bound nucleus. The level of cellular organization in the organisms is multicellular. The cells in this kingdom lack the cell wall and they have complex behavioral responses and rapid movement. The species in the Animalia Kingdom are sexual. The organisms in the kingdom have the heterotrphic nutrition and it uses the consumption source. Animals can also trace their descent to a single common ancestor.

Animalia Cells

Three interesting facts about this kingdom

The species in the Animalia Kingdom respond to their environment, they are multicellular, and this kingdom is the largest kingdom out of all of the kingdoms in the world.