Background information on St.Lucia

Capital of St.Lucia is Castries

Some major cities in St.Lucia are Castries, Bisee, Vieux, Micoud.

History of St.Lucia

Country's that controlled St.Lucia are England and France

The date St.Lucia gained independence is February 22 1979

The official language of St.Lucia is english

A description of St.Lucia flag is the flag is blue with yellow, white, black triangles

Geographical informational of St.Lucia

St.Lucia is located East of the Carribbean sea, Northwest of Barbados, South of Martiniave

St.Lucia's physical features are the Pitons, Petit Pitons, and all of they're rainforests

Political information about St.Lucia

St.Lucia has a Constitutional Monarchy

The leader of St.Lucia is Kenny Anthony

Economic information about St.Lucia

The currency of St.Lucia is the East Carribbean dollar

The Economic system of St.Lucia is Capitalism

Tourist information for St.Lucia

People should visit St.Lucia because it is a great place to relax and there are blue waters. Tourists should definitly see the beaches and the capital.

3 intresting facts about St.Lucia

*St.Lucia is the second largest of the Windward island located in the Eastern Carribbean Sea.

*in Sweden there is a holiday called " St.Lucia day"

*St.Lucia got there name from French coloniers

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