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Happy Holidays!!

Good afternoon, everyone! We had so much fun celebrating with you and your children today at our parties. The children all seemed to have such a great time and I know how much you, as parents, enjoy the opportunity to see your child interact with their friends here at school!

I cannot believe how fast this first semester has flown by! We have seen every single child make gains in their development and we excitedly await next semester as they seem to always blossom even more. Thank you for entrusting your most precious treasure to us! We take that responsibility very seriously and enjoy every minute. I hope all of you and yours have a wonderful break. Merry Christmas to all of you!

For Kids,

Melissa Ellis


Early Childhood School

Parent Partnership & Performance Night

Tuesday, Jan. 19th 2016 at 6-7pm

ECS Cafeteria

We LOVE to watch our young learners sing for us and we know you love it too! This year we have developed a night that will be educational for parents as well as enjoyable! For the first part of the evening, the teachers and teaching assistants will take the children to class for fun activities together. During this time, we will have a parent training session that covers both academic and behavioral things you can do at home to help prepare your child for Kindergarten. Then the children will return to put on a performance of a lifetime! What's more precious than these little voices?!! We can't wait!!

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ECS Parent/Student Handbook

Be sure to check out our handbook for lots of detailed information about the ins and outs of ECS while your child is here with us! Here is the link...

2015-2016 ECS Calendar of Events