5-Hood News

October 18, 2019


Can you believe we are already 25% done with the year?! It seems like we just sorted out our supplies. Report cards will be available to view online on October 25. Please contact the main office if you are having trouble with your Home Access account.


We are currently wrapping up Unit 2 in Accel Math. We have been working with fractions, decimals, and percents quite a bit. Something we have come to notice is that these three ideas are all the same! Our Unit 2 Test will be put on the calendar on Monday, but we are aiming for testing on Monday, October 28.


We are working on our 1st Quarter Project, which is titled, "Where I'm From." This project wraps up our first quarter theme of "Identity." This project will mostly be done at school, but don't be surprised if students decide to work on it at home! We will share these at our upcoming conferences in November.


Chapter 6 is underway! This chapter teaches us all about the life of everyday colonists in the 13 original English colonies. Did you know that children as young as 11 could begin an unpaid apprenticeship that didn't end until they were 21?! Our Chapter 6 test is currently set for Friday, October 25. (Check the link below for the Study Guide answer key!)


Next week, we will be continuing to work on a story from StoryWorks magazine called, "The Day the Worms Moved In." We will also be reading a selection from our Harcourt textbook that is titled, "Evelyn Cisneros: Prima Ballerina." Our big focus next week, though, will be on summarizing the text that we read. No matter if we are reading fiction or nonfiction, students should be able to use this important skill. Also, just a quick reminder that the October Book Reports are due on the 31st of October. We have been talking about planning ahead in class and what that looks like with long term projects. No one wants to be doing a book report on Halloween, so encourage your child to finish it beforehand!