Cameron Brock

Statement of Theme

Don't quit, keep trying and succeed at it. I think that is an important theme because if you don't try and just give up, you won't get anywhere from there and won't succeed and achieve goals.


Relationship to you: loves sports and teaching techniques.

Influence on theme: My dad loves sports, so he teaches me more techniques to make me better and succeed.


Relationship to you: loves to make sure everything is right!

Influence on theme: My mom makes sure everything I do is done correctly and neatly so I can have good grades in school and succeed in life.


Relationship to you: makes sure everything is correct and right.

Influence on theme: My teachers make sure everybody including me, is doing good in school and getting good grades so we can go to college and achieve our goals in life that we set for ourselves.


Relationship to you: Making sure we try hard at everything.

Influence on theme: My coaches make sure we all try hard in practice so we can succeed in games and tournaments.


My setting for my story is at school and at sport complexes. My setting is important because those places is where you succeed and achieve goals. My story would have been completely changed if my setting had been different because I wouldn't have been succeeding in life if it wasn't for those places.

3 Plot Events

Because I signed up for football because it's one of my favorite sports, I went to football camp and learned more moves and techniques for when I start real practice and since I went to football camp I made A team for football because I got better at the moves I needed to learn.

Turning Point

Even though I went to football camp I tried out for one of my favorite positions, they moved me to a different position and that position I was really good at but I didn't meet my goal because I wanted the position I had in mind although I still made A team for football that year and started that position