PAX Tools: Beat the Timer

Block Out Distractions and Stay On Task

Check out the video below from our partners from TTSD providing examples on how to create a schedule at home!

Family Schedule

PAX Tool of the Week: Beat the Timer

PAX Tools - Beat The Timer

PAX Tool: Beat the Timer

Time to clean up! Time to leave for school! Time to do your homework!

Do these phrases make your heart race? Transitions and unfavorable tasks are often times when we experience conflict with children. Beat the Timer can reduce that conflict by giving a finite amount of time to do the work and clear expectations.

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Examples of When To Use Beat the Timer

  • HOMEWORK: set timer for 10 minutes. Set expectations such as: focus, complete ___, stay in seat, etc. When timer goes off take a 5 minute break.
  • CLEANING ROOM: Break into smaller tasks and time each task. For example: 5 minutes to put away clothes, 3 minutes to pick up toys, 3 minutes to make the bed, etc.
  • BEDTIME ROUTINE: Break bedtime routine into small measurable tasks such as: Brushing teeth 3 minutes, getting pajamas on: 3 minutes, choosing a bedtime book 2 minutes, etc.

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