By: Siddharth S


Qatar lies in the North Eastern Hemisphere. The continent where it lies is Asia. With the use of relative location I found that the country that is near it is Saudi Arabia, the bodies of water that lie there is the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Bahrain. The location of this country impacts the people because it was placed at a very hot place. This is very effective because it may be a drought and many people may die because of these harsh conditions.


Qatar is an emirate which basically means that it is ruled by one person or prince. Qatar is a limited government because it is only ruled by one. This type of economy can effect the people living there because if the king is not organized the whole country will fall apart.


The methods of communication vary, but the most often one used is by ads(T.V.) Goods and other resources are transported by plane (air) and road (land). The location impacts the transportation because it is a very hot climate so it will be a lot more difficult for you to travel by land than air.


Some landforms and cities that are major in Qatar are: The Arabian Desert, Doha and Al Khor. Some parts of Qatar's culture is that they dance in festivals, their traditional language is Arabic. Qatar's religion is mostly Muslim.
Turkish Festival in KATARA, Qatar - Part 8

Human Environment Interaction

People in Qatar use the natural resources for commercial purposes. In other words they sell the natural resource. The environment is modified by pollutants getting in the air which is affecting the society.

Research Question

Research Question: How does religion affect society.

Religion affects society greatly because they have many different traditions that they celebrate. This also means you have to adapt on what they do because you are apart of the society.


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