Early Greek developed as small independent communities, they got all of the best land by competing against other neighbors in either a skirmish or for a price. All of Greek city/states civilizations evolved a very strong identity that could be recognized if you saw them. Greece was located in Asia. The first Greek settled in Ionia. The Greeks where the first humans to invent writing which they thought of as a secret code of communication. This helped them deliver messages that their enemies could not read. Ancient Greeks army known as the Spartans also lead to the success of this civilization because it could protect their civilization from any other groups that may cause a threat. Also Ancient Greece kept a timeline which helped them to remember important events and learn more about their history. Many wars against the Trojans and the Dorians changed the course of this civilization because it made other civilizations be scared to fight against them because of their dominance of war. This was a big deal back then to have an army this big because you could control your enemies and make them work for you. Priests were very important to the Greek because they would try to gain favor of the god. Priests also led any religious ceremonies where villagers would come and pray to their god or worship them. The Ancient Greek also had meetings called assembly's where the whole town would meet and discuss certain topics. The army of greece named the Spartans were the Greeks army who would defend them form enemies. They were known for their bravery and their honor as soldiers. There is a rule in Ancient Greece that every year the civilization would vote on one person that would get banished for 20 years or more depending on the number of votes that person got.

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The Greek people bargain with the gods for protection and for the gods to look over their crops. The Greek people would give gods gold as a bargain. The most important gods to them were Apollo and Delphi. The Greek people lived on an island, the name of the island was Minoans. It was named after their king at the time who was King Minos. Ancient Greece started in the 3000 B.C. Greece is a warm dry -area. To live they had to fish,farm, and trade goods. The Greek people liked to watch plays. A lot of Greek people were poor because of the scarce natural resources in their environment. Greek people believed in the underworld. That is were bad people went. The good people went to a place called the Elysian Fields. The Greek weaponry was that each warrior had one sword, one shield, and one spear. The Greeks had one fighting way that caught my eye, they would take all their shields and make a big wall of warriors to guard their soldiers and push there selfs forward.
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The greek civilization was located in Ancient Greece. Mainly Athens and Sparta. Also Europe and where the Mediterranean collided with the sister seas. Also crete and rhodes. Also Asia minor's western area.The geography lead to their success by having a lot of rocks which influenced the Greeks to build houses and villages. Also the rocky terrain of Ancient Greece was hard to move around in because all the twists and turns the Greeks already mastered before their wars took place. The high climate toughened their workers who became their toughest helped them said and explace. Also, the water helped them grow plants. Some natural resources they hd and used were rocks, clay, and mud. The water helped for transportation too.The Greeks were geographically lucky because due to the harsh environment their men were strong trained warriors. Also the water which influenced them to learn carpenty which was a big advantage in wars for the Greeks. Also shelter was one of the greeks best inventions. Where Ancient greece was located is Greece, Athens, andf the coast of Spain.


Greeks invented a lot of things that had special importance for them. Greeks didn’t have alphabet so they just expressed their thinking by speaking. On BC5, they made alphabet which sounds like phoenicians that we still use today. Greeks had good knowledge in architecture. They sorted architecture by kinds of columns which are called Doric, Lonic, Corinthian and vocabularies what we still use today.

The legacy of Greek civiliazation are writings, coins, olympics, architect knowledges, acting, theater and sculptures. The Hellensistic age offered scientific knowledge which still influences. Greek influenced our way of life today a lot. In modern Greece they still use almost same writings. We held olympics which came from ancient Greek civilization. The inventions also impacted in arts and architectures.

There a lot of myth that shows ancient Greeks lifestyle. One is there was a hero who could build anything and master of crafting, “Daedalus.” I inferred that Greeks had a good skills in crafting. Most Greek stories usually royals just had parties and didn’t govern very well. In the myths, many of them had setting in sports competition. I inferred that royals didn’t play a role to citizens and sports were popular.

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