Weekly SLC

By Sam McCormick - June Issue Week 1

Message From Managers

Team Work - Everyone has to work together to achieve success. Remember - your work will reflect on others in you team! There's no I In Team!!

Helping Others Work Effectively And Efficiently

When working with other people it creates a array of positive bonuses, these can include; increased productivity, higher employ morale, good quality team bonds and vast knowledge on the subject matter. Below are some examples for Individuals and the Organization.

For Individuals

  • Ask each other questions about tasks and solve problems quickly
  • Create working relationships promoting workplace morale
  • Complete tasks within set deadlines.
  • Give feedback to colleagues and advice on errors made
  • You get a sense of accomplishment within the team.

For Organizations

  • Delivers better customer service
  • Better use of company resources
  • Higher productivity
  • Company stays with deadline dates

What Is Diversity And Why It Should Be Valued?

Diversity is respecting and understanding another individuals beliefs, race, disability, and appearance.

Everyone is different. however everyone should be treated fairly in the workplace should be treated the same, employees all have strengths' and weaknesses therefore everyone can contribute to workflows. Diversity also helps bring different views, cultures and opinions together and can help evolve the workplace, it can change the way we think about others and it can change ways of life.

The Benefits Of Diversity To An Organization

  • It will attract employees with a wide range of skills.
  • Build relationships and improving knowledge of all cultures.
  • Creates equal opportunities for everyone
  • Shows the company employs people regardless of race and sexuality.

How We Need To Treat Other People In A Way That Is Sensitive To Their Needs

You should treat other colleagues how you would like to be treated yourself, you have to be considerate of other people, you can’t judge or a person before you see them, you should think about how you want to be treated. You need to be empathetic to the person and think about the way they feel about the issue, you can try to imagine yourself in there shoes you wouldn't want to be treated different to others. Being sensitive to others is showing a understanding and accepting what they like and dislike.

Treat Other People In A Way That Respects Their Abilities, Background, Values, Customs And Beliefs

In our lives whether and work or at home, we need to take into consideration peoples opinions, beliefs and disability when, this means everyone from customers to colleagues to managers. At all times must you take care in understanding the person, people should be treated the same way that you would want to be treated. To achieve a fair workplace everyone needs to be taken into consideration, also we need to listen to their points of view. If a employee has trouble with a task because of a disability we must respect that and accommodate this is terms of diversity.

What Ways Can We Learn From Others At Work

We can learn many things from our colleagues and many different ways of learning from them. These can be;

  • Ask to watch colleagues do their work and listen to other people
  • Ask new people you don’t often speak to show you there methods
  • To build good workplace relationships with colleagues
  • See how your colleagues deal with situations and scenarios