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July, 2017

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3rd Coast Productions presents the Bell Joyride Enduro

By: Brittany Hopson Montgomery (Bhop), Sorella President

I have been testing out the waters of enduro racing over the Spring and Summer of 2017. I was coming off of my big event for the year, The Pisgah Stage Race, and wanted to have some fun on my bike before I leaped into cyclocross training in the Fall. Last year we had a group of friends that went out and competed in some of the enduros that 3rd Coast Productions had put on thru out the SE. (Fellow Sorellas Carol Baldwin and Lara Richards!) We heard stories of a party like atmosphere, with down to earth folks that just want to get rad on their bikes, and wild camp fire parties. I was SOLD. Sounds like a weekend long cross race, I’m in.

For those new to enduro racing it is a race that is combined of multiple stages. Only the downhill portions are timed for competition. The transitions or “climbs” are not timed. You get to the start of a stage, you might down a beer or not, you do a little countdown to your start, then you race your heart out to get to the bottom of the stage as quickly as possible. It is very much like a time trial, you go down the segment individually. Most of the time you give yourself a good couple of minutes between each racer to start each stage. You go deep for that short period (normally between .75-2.5 miles per stage) then cross the finish and head on to the next stage. The stages can be flowy downhills, filled with rock gardens, drops, and switchbacks. You have a certain time period to complete all the stages and get back to the finish (normally around 5-6 hours). It’s like a rolling party! Continued....


Featured Sorella: Meet Shanicka Roberts!

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Tell Us About Yourself: Occupation, relationship status, children, pets, where you live, where you're from, hobbies, etc.:

As a native of Atlanta, GA I’ve always had a love for the outdoors. Prior to a recent knee surgery, I played golf competitively for over twenty years which awarded me the opportunity to play collegiate golf at South Carolina State University. Although golf will always be my first love, cycling recently captured my heart last fall. Currently I work for Centene Corporation as an Enrollment Processor and live in Mableton. As for now, I am single with no children and no pets.

What made you decide to join Sorella:

One of the copious reasons why I joined Sorella is the vast diversity of skilled cyclists with the willingness to help on the Tuesday night ride. Trish always posted in another cycling organization that I ride with; it was her persistent posting along with the encouraging group of ladies from the Tuesday night ride that made me want to join the group. I’ve learned a lot from my fellow Sorellas within a short amount of time since joining in May.

Do you do Road, Mountain or Cyclocross:

Road, interested in Cyclocross. :-)

Types of bike(s) you ride:

Fuji Cyclocross 2.0 upgraded w/road tires.

Your Favorite place to ride:

Atlanta Cycling Vinings Route, Silk Sheets, and Silver Comet.

Your dream ride:

Riding along an oceanfront.

Biggest accomplishment on your bike:

When my cycling buddies (Nicole and Robbin) and I completed 2 of 3 Gaps of North Georgia (Woody & Neels Gap). I never imagined that I would actually climb a mountain with that type of elevation with less than a year of cycling experience under my belt. The weather was great, supportive people and I accomplished a ride that many cyclist would not consider riding. I’m forever grateful for Nancy and Beth for helping me to regroup and providing words of encouragement as prepared to I climb to the second gap. I’m determined more than ever to go back to conquer the third gap!!!

Why you love being a Sorella:

Being a Sorella is very empowering. Everyone has different goals however, we share the passion of improving our cycling skills. I’m extremely grateful to be a part of the Sorella sisterhood that allows me to challenge myself in a capacity that I would have never imagined. It’s truly special when I meet women who are just as crazy about cycling as myself. Special thanks to Trish and Nancy for getting me started! LET’S GO! #TeamSorella #SorellaLove #SorellaSisters


Sorella School: All about Time Trials!

Each month, the Sorella newsletter will feature a new article called "Sorella School" where you can learn more about cycling-specific lingo, culture, events, and other things you always wanted (but never knew you needed) to know. This month Sorella board member, Angela Barros, discusses the individual time trial (ITT) and encourages Sorellas to give it a try!

The Individual Time Trial (ITT) is an event where cyclists race against a clock without riding against other cyclists or within a pack of riders. Many consider time trials to be one of the safest types of racing. While it's considered safe and doesn't require a mass start, that doesn't mean this event is easy or without the need for technique. Professional time trial racers train to maintain a steady power output for long periods of time, control their heart rate despite an all-out effort, maintain a smooth, regular pedalling technique, and discipline themselves to keep their bodies in an extremely aerodynamic position for the duration of the event. Even if you haven't reached professional status, the ITT is an event everyone should try.

ITTs have a defined course but can vary in distance. You do not have to have a time trial bike, many racers enter with their road bike and many events have a class for this called "Merckx". You are issued a start time and your end time is assigned when you cross the finish line. There is usually 30 seconds (sometimes 1 minute) between each start time so you are on the course racing toward your own personal best finish time. Sure, you may pass the rider ahead of you or be passed by the rider behind you, but what you focus on is your own performance. You finish your own personal race and then await the results to be posted so you can see how you did against your own goals and your competitors. You mingle with the other competitors awaiting podium presentations to congratulate the winners and then start thinking about returning next year to see if you can better your own personal time!

You regularly see race reports from our Sorella Race Team members here in our newsletter. Now I ask you, have you wondered what it is like to "race?" If any of this sounds intriguing to you, I invite you to be a "Sorella Racer" for a day. Anyone can enter race events, you do not have to be part of the Sorella Race Team. There is a new ITT this year taking place on part of the Silk Sheets Route (Palmetto, GA). The course will be approximately 15 miles. An active USA Cycling license is required with one-day licenses available for purchase. Due to assigned start times, this event has no day of registration so you must plan ahead and pre-register. This is an excellent opportunity to give this type of racing a try. If you want to try a shorter time trial course (approximately 6 miles), check out the Georgia Games Time Trial in Marietta on July 9th. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me via Facebook or Email (

More information can be found at these locations.

Silk Sheet's ITT Facebook event

USA Cycling Flyer

USA Cycling Registration


Have you ever considered a Triathlon?

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By Kathryn Taylor

In 1974, a few members of the San Diego Track Club were feeling bored and looking to add a bit of adventure to their running. While tossing around the idea of a ‘swim-run’ event (a biathlon) someone suggested they throw in a bike leg and call it a triathlon. From a group of 46 ill-prepared participants, the modern triathlon was born. Since that time, over 2.3 million individuals have crossed the finish line to become a triathlete and every year, you’ll meet someone who has put ‘doing their first triathlon’ on their list of new year’s goals.

I personally believe the journey to becoming a triathlete can be a life changing one. You’ll be getting in great workouts for your whole body but more importantly, you have to train your mind. By putting yourself in an environment that challenges you, you’ll grow as an individual and often find the courage to grow and change in other parts of your life!

So if so many people have becoming a triathlete as a goal and it’s a life-changing journey, why is it so difficult for people to get started? Continued...



Monthly Beginner Ride

When: This ride resumes in August - No ride in July!

Open to: Club Members Only

Leaves from: See Below

Beginning riders can meet on the first Saturday of the month for a developmental road ride. Each ride begins with a 15 - 30 minute review of basic road skills. We will have lunch or coffee following the rides.

Questions? Contact Amy Plummer

or Option 2:

Emily Burrows, Club Vice-President, can work with individuals on parts of the Atlanta Cycling course during the morning hours. Contact Emily for more information.

Eventide Brewery Ride

When: Thursday, July 20th - Ready to Ride @ 6:00PM

Open to: Everyone

Leaves from: Eventide Brewery

Join Sorella ride leader and club president, Brittany Hopson Montgomery (Bhop), for the monthly Eventide Brewing Intown Road ride. The group will leave Eventide to enjoy a 14-16 mile no drop loop all intown on streets that are not busy during rush hour! This will be a very chill social ride, no crazy climbs, very beginner friendly. Ride time is approximately 1:15-1:30.

Click here for more info.

Brews afterwards at Eventide to quench our thirst at the discounted cost of $8 (normally $12) for riders.

July Group Ride – Silver Comet Trail

When: Sunday, July 17th, 2:00 p.m.

Open to: Sorellas, Lady friends and fella friends

Leaves from: Silver Comet Trail (Hiram Depot)

Our monthly comet rides have been great with over a dozen participants (when weather permitted). Please join us on the third Sunday each month February - November, and bring your other ladies and fellas to join us. You can find a Facebook event for the ride, here.

Wednesday Evening Women’s Buckhead Road Ride

When: 6:30 pm through August

Open to: Sorellas and lady friends

Leaves from: E Rivers Elementary School

This ride runs the first Wednesday in April thru September and is led by Sorella Linda Rathje. Start time is 6:30pm (6:15PM in early September) and it will leave from the parking lot at E Rivers Elementary School at the corner of Peachtree and Peachtree Battle. Restrooms are available at Starbucks, across the street if you need them. If you ride to the start you can either join us at E Rivers or meet us at Cherokee Rd. and Andrews Drive. The pace is 14-15 mph which doesn't sound like much but the route is a hilly 21 miles. It is not a beginner ride. You should be comfortable riding with a group in light traffic and in hilly terrain. It is a great opportunity to improve your climbing skills and step outside your comfort zone, with a friendly group of women. There are a few pretty good climbs (4 or 5) and you can take these as hard and fast as you want. We regroup at the top so everyone can continue to socialize to the next climb. The group usually grabs dinner after the ride at La Fonda. For questions, contact Linda at

Tuesday Atlanta Cycling Ladies Road Ride

When: 6:30 through August (No Ride July 4th!)

Open to: Sorellas and lady friends

Leaves from: Atlanta Cycling, Vinings

Tuesday Atlanta Cycling Vinings Women's ride takes place weekly! Atlanta Cycling Vinings Women's Road No-Drop Ride is every Tuesday March - October (March 6:15PM / Apr-Aug 6:30 / Sep 6:15 / Oct 6:00). Route often follows the 18 or 22 mile route on low traffic streets following a painted route at no drop pace. The emphasis will be on meeting others and on becoming more skillful and comfortable while road riding. Departing at the same time is a MENS/MIXED group, riding a different route ~24 miles. More info.

Special, Non-Recurring:

Harbin's Park MTB Ride

When: Sunday, July 9th, 2:00 p.m.

Open to: Sorellas, Fellas and Friends

Location: Harbins Park, 2995 Luke Edwards Rd, Dacula, GA 30019

Join Sorella Laina Palmeri for a beginner/intermediate mountain bike ride at Harbins Park. This will be a no-drop ride (with stops along the way) geared toward beginner and intermediate riders so dust those of you new to mountain biking, be sure to join Laina for a great ride where you will pick up a lot from her years of mountain bike experience! Click here for more information via facebook.

Sorella Sosbee Road Ride

When: Sunday, July 16th, 7:30 a.m.

Open to: Sorellas, Fellas, and Friends

Location: Sosebee Cycling Park, 465 Simpson Rd NE

White, GA 30184

Have you heard about the annual Beautiful Backroads Century? It is quite popular due to the easily accessible location and scenic route and takes place in September. Sorellas Sarah Hoots and Ali LeCraw-Smith invite you to join them on a 66 mile training ride in July to prepare for this great century. Click here for more information via facebook.


Sorella Membership Update: We're on a Roll....

Thanks to your referrals, the new members just keep coming! Please join us in welcoming our new members for the month of June:

Tiffany Jones, Elizabeth Clifton, Jennifer Luce, Tracy Montgomery, and Kelly Alley

In addition, Liz King has renewed her commitment to Sorella!


Sorella Board Position Available: Webmaster

Are you interested in being part of the Sorella Board of Directors? We are currently seeking a new website manager. If you have experience and you are interested in helping out, please contact our club president, Brittany Hopson Montgomery (Bhop) for more information.


Photo Roundup:


Featured Sorella Sponsor: Escape to Blueridge

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Speaking of Sponsors....

Interested in tapping into our sponsors for a special event, freebies, or a learning opportunity? Please contact a board member for more information and to be connected to a sponsor to see if your event qualifies for special benefits.
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