Weekly Newsletter

31st August - 4th September

Establishing rules and routines

Children thrive on routines. By building a predictable routine in our classroom we offer a nurturing environment for them where they can learn self-discipline whilst feeling safe, secure and confident in their surroundings. This in turn helps children to understand more about themselves, the world around them and other people.

This week in PK3.3 we have been asking the questions "What are Rules?" and "When do we do things at school?". The children have been learning about why we have rules in the classroom and how they help us to get along with each other and keep us safe. We practice the FOUR B's at ISP:

B kind

B responsible

B safe

B respectful

We began our week with musical instruments; practicing listening and building our self-control skills. What a musical class we have! We were soon banging our drums (and triangles, shakers, bells and sticks) when the music played and when it stopped we practiced placing our instrument on the ground. Great listening skills and self-control PK3!

I hope you enjoy reading about what else we have been up to this week. As ever, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch. JMcDonald@isp.edu.pa

Wishing you all a restful weekend.

Ms Jeanette & Miss Maru

A story book? Yes please!

We continue building our love for books with our weekly visit to the Elementary library. This week PK3 made such a smart line I just had to share it with you!

What can you do with your hands?

We have a class rule to be respectful with our hands. To understand "Happy Hands" we asked the children "What can you do with your hands?". Omar uses his to wave hello, Luciana Y plays the piano. Nahuel uses his hands to give hugs and Alessia uses hers to hold a brush. Francisco can grab pencils and Isabella suggested using our hands to put on our crowns.

On Wednesday we had a surprise visit from Nahuel's Dad. He can use his hands to juggle! The children watched in awe as he juggled colorful balls and then a lion, a puma and an elephant!! Later we tried juggling too, tossing a beanbag from hand to hand. Thank you Mr Dan for sharing your special skill with us!

PE and Garden Time with Ms Sharon

The children really enjoy their outdoor time with Ms Sharon. This week they played a fast game of "Stop and Go" and in the garden they have been planting seeds.

Identifying our names

One of our class rules is to place your name where you are working. This helps children learn to make choices, take turns and be responsible. We explored the classroom and found our names in many places; our cubbies, on our backpacks, our artwork and even inside our sweaters!

Using stamps and dot painters PK3 have been have been identifying their letters and printing their names this week.

Hickory Dickory Dock

This weeks nursery rhyme was "Hickory Dickory Dock". After choosing an instrument the children played along with the rhyme, counting out on fingers each time the clock struck a new number. Later we made our own clocks and described what time it was; we had answers of wake up time, play time and snack time.

The children have been working hard to follow our classroom routines. It's great to hear them making connections.

Elsewhere in our classroom.....

....we have been

  • measuring and identifying "big" and "small", "long" and "short"
  • investigating light in our discovery center
  • painting and mixing colors
  • using beads to develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination
  • making patterns with linking blocks
  • building roads and identifying big towers and small houses. A special mention goes to Omar, Amir and Francisco for the wonderful zoo they built together. Great team work boys!

All the time learning through play!

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  • Please continue to send in healthy choices for snack times and enough to keep those tummies full! A yoghurt, crackers and fruit are a good option and variety keeps it interesting. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve food choices to promote healthy nutritional behaviors among our students. our Resident Nutritionist Fanny, together with our Head Nurse Millie and Chef Eliseo will be holding special informative sessions with parents to share some of the new menu ítems, and health tips prepared by this team of specialist. The sessions will be held on Tuesday, September 8th at 9:30AM. We encourage you to attend and find out more about how we can work together to promote healthy habits and nutrition for all. More information can be found in this weeks Dolphin Dispatch.

  • Children should not be in school if they are unwell or recovering from any illness. If your child is unwell we advise they remain at home to rest and recover. Children should be fever free, or free from stomach sickness or similar illness before returning to school. Thank you for your assistance in keeping our classroom happy and healthy for our children to enjoy.

Lockdown Drill - Monday 7th September

On September 7th we will be having our first lockdown drill of the year. The purpose of a lockdown drill is basically the opposite of a fire drill. A fire drill is to get everyone out of the building in the quickest and safest way, while a lockdown drill is to keep everyone hidden inside the building in the quickest and safest way.

During a lockdown drill teachers and students practice what to do if something dangerous was happening outside. This could be dangerous weather, fallen power lines, or even an intruder. Our focus in practicing the drill is not to imagine the different scenarios, but rather the response that is needed to keep everyone safe. By practicing a lockdown drill students are prepared to stay safe.