June 11, 2015


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Summer is just around the corner ...

What are you and your students planning to do this summer? This issue is dedicated to wrapping up the year, and looking forward to 10 glorious weeks out of the classroom! (For most, anyway).

In addition to everything else we have listed below, be sure to remind students about the Summer Reading Programs at their local public libraries this summer - "Every Hero Has a Story."

It's All About Summer Reading for Students!

What Will YOU be Doing This Summer?


I know - summer stretches out forever, like a fat cat lying in the warm sun. But one day you wake up, and you have to dash in to school to get things ready before the kids arrive! Something FUN you can do to plan for that is ... books, of course! If you haven't had an opportunity to look at lately, there is an absolute WEALTH of information there! And they've made it so easy to share - through emails, links and social media. You can check out our 2 webinars on the basics of and on creating booklists and text sets. See below on what we've done with our Battle of the Books 2016, and TeenReaderCon 2015 to see some examples of what we put together here.


Get ready for next year's Battle of the Books! We have grade level lists on that has tons of extra information on books and authors for Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6. And don't forget to check out our wiki for general information. Be sure to share with parents and teachers!

TeenReaderCon 2016

The lineup is almost complete! We have Jennifer Armstrong, S.A. Bodeen, Eric Devine, Helen Frost, David Levithan, Jackie Morse Kessler and Eliot Shrefer!! We're working on getting one more author, so keep up-to-date by checking our TRC website.

We've also created a TRC 2015 booklist on - learn more about authors, link to their websites, book trailers, audio and video clips, and other activities!

We are building our collection of TRC authors that include eBooks and audio books for last year's and upcoming authors on Overdrive. We are including everything we can find, and may be adding more over the summer!

Please share all the links with students, teachers, administrators and parents! (Did you know that you can create your own QR Flyer or QR Code directly from a book or booklist on!).