Poetry Palloza Activity

By: Veda

Biography of Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman was a 19th century poet. He was regarded as one of the most significant poets along with Emily Dickinson. Though Whitman was all this, he did not receive more than a little public acclaim.

Poems By Walt Whitman

O Captain, My Captain!

Out of the Rolling Ocean the Crowd

These Carols

Return of the Heroes

Longings for Home


Literary Devices

O Captain, My Captain!: Personification

Out of the Rolling Ocean the Crowd: Personification

These Carols: Mood

Return of the Heroes: Personification

Longings For Home: Tone

Why I Picked the Poems

I selected those five poems because in my opinion, they were his best work.


I think Walt Whitman should be recognized as a poet because I think he was one of the best 19th century poets. Also, his poems were very broad and spoke about many different topics. Also, I think he was very well rounded, since he wrote both free verse and rhyming poems to go along with his broad range of topics.