October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Important Announcements

Virtual Student Update

ATTENTION!! Parents of fully virtual students, please be sure that your students are logging into Schoology daily and submitting the assignments provided by their teachers. We must see students logging in to AND submitting assignments in order to count their attendance. If your student is not signing in or they are not submitting assignments, we must count them as absent. Students who are consistently absent and not participating in the virtual learning may be required to return to in-person learning.

Drop off times

Hawthorne Elementary drop off time - 8:00

Torrence Pre-K drop off time - 7:55

Parents, please DO NOT drop students off before the designated drop off times. We have several students who are arriving before our supervision staff has arrived. This creates an obvious safety concern for our students. We DO NOT want to students to be unattended on school grounds. Thank you for your assistance!

Face Coverings

Please remember that ALL visitors MUST wear a face covering when they enter the building! This is for the protection of our staff and students.

Remember to send your child to school with a face covering every day! We have a small supply of masks for when students lose or damage their own, but these are not intended to be provided daily.

Face coverings (masks, shields, etc.) will be required in any unstructured areas.
Face coverings will be required anywhere students may be exposed to students or where social distancing can not be guaranteed. A recent school board amendment to the face covering policy allows students to be outside without face coverings as long as social distancing is maintained. This includes recess, outdoor specials, and/or classes going outside for instruction. If students struggle to maintain social distancing while outside they may be asked to put their face coverings back on.

Face coverings (masks, shields, etc.) will NOT be required in structured settings, such as classrooms, unless social distancing can not be maintained. When social distancing can be upheld, students will not be required to wear face coverings.

Dismissal changes

If you need to make a change to your students dismissal procedure, please contact the school to make the change prior to 2:00. Dismissal changes need to be communicated to multiple people (secretaries, teacher, administrators, dismissal supervisors, bus drivers, bus garage, etc.). Having a 2:00 cutoff time allow us to make sure everyone is aware of the changes and students are getting home safely and without confusion. Thank you for your assistance!

What's happening in October?

PTO Meeting - 10/13

The Little Chiefs PTO meeting is on Tuesday, October 13th at 6:30pm. The PTO meeting will be hosted virtually via Zoom. The Zoom link will be posted on the Little Chiefs PTO facebook page. This meeting is open to any Hawthorne or Torrence parents and staff who are interested in attending. We hope to see you there!

Parent / Teacher Conferences - 10/19 & 10/26

We will be conducting Parent/Teacher conferences over the course of two days on October 19th and October 26th. October 19th conferences will be held from 10:00-2:00. October 26th conferences will be held from 2:00-6:00. Your teachers will be contacting you to set up individual conference times, either in-person or virtually, to meet and discuss your students.

School Picture Re-Takes - 10/22

For any students who missed Picture Day on September 23rd, there will be a picture re-take day on Thursday, October 22nd for both Hawthorne and Torrence students.

Additionally, our virtual students are also welcome to come to Hawthorne and Torrence to get their pictures taken as well. Each grade level will have a separate picture time for their virtual students. We will communicate these picture times at a later date.

Birthday Lunch - 10/30

Our PTO will be delivering cupcakes for all of our students with October birthdays on Friday, October 30th. The cupcakes will be handed out at lunch.

Virtual Student Assembly - 10/30

On October 30th, we will be hosting a virtual student assembly. The assembly will be streamed to classrooms so we can still celebrate our Little Chiefs while keeping staff and students safe.

Halloween Parties - 10/30

Classroom Halloween parties will be on Friday, October 30th. With COVID-19 this year, we will not be inviting parents to join us. Halloween parties will be for the students and their teachers only. If parents would still like to contribute to the parties they are more then welcome to do so by providing snacks, games, and crafts. Thank you for your understanding!

Keokuk Public Library Calendar

Here is what's happening at the Keokuk Public Library. All the events are still virtual and more information can be found on their website keokuklibrary.org or on keokukevents.org.
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Box Tops For Education

Have you heard?! Box Tops For Education is going digital! No more clipping, no more sending your student to school with a baggie full of box tops. Participating brands are starting to change their packaging from a traditional Box Tops clip to the new Box Top label. If you see the label, use the new Box Tops For Education app to scan your receipt. Box Tops are still worth 10¢ each for our school. The app will find participating products purchased at any store and instantly add cash to our school's earnings online. You can download the app today!!

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Casey's Cash for Classrooms

Dear Parents,

We’re excited to share that our school is participating in Cash for Classrooms, part of Casey’s Rewards. This opens up Hawthorne Elementary to new funding opportunities to help improve learning environments for students.

The best part? Donations don’t come out of your own pocket. When you buy from Casey’s and use their rewards program you can simply turn your points into a donation to our school. Help Hawthorne Elementary make the most of this program and learn more at Caseys.com/schools.


Mike Marsden

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Breakfast Menu

For an enlarged view, please click the following link: Elementary Breakfast Menu.
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October Lunch Menu

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