SOARing through the School Year

Parent & Family Newsletter: Spring Edition 2022

SOARing to Success Parent Summit

What a Success! We held our first parent summit on Saturday, February 26, 2022. Parents walked away with a bag full of strategies and tools to support their children at home. Parents embraced online databases, understanding the number 10 is the star of the show, reading is a “reel’ adventure, the art to sparking writing, and mathematical mindsets matter.

Our Goal in Title I!

We continue to build our families through academic workshops. Through workshops, parents gain strategies to support their children's educational needs. We continue to reach out to families to gain insight into our school data and the decisions we make regarding the academic growth of our students. We are in this together!

Camp SOAR is back this July!

Camp SOAR is designed to support students currently in Grades K-5 at schools receiving Title I funding. Each school will select students who meet the criteria to be part of the summer program. The program supports students needing academic support in the areas of reading (phonics and comprehension) and math (number sense). In the morning, the students will participate in the academic side of the program and have an opportunity in the afternoon to select from a variety of clubs.

Students will receive breakfast & lunch. Transportation will be provided to all students living within the summer site areas. The program will be held from July 5-28, 2022. Classes will be in-person Monday through Thursday. It is a whole day program. Start and end times will be determined by location. Reach out to the Title I team at your child’s school for additional information if you have not received an invitation and are interested in having your child participate in the program.

District Title I Parent Workshop: Math Hits Title I with a SPLAT!

Wow! We had a lot of fun at our SPLAT! workshop. Parents picked up some strategies using SPLAT and estimation. If you missed it, we made a video. It will provide a bit of a snippet of the workshop so you can use the strategies at home.

Check out this SPLAT! video

My child has a reading level, now what?

All students received a reading level this winter. Click on the link, Books at Reading Levels, to find books at your child's reading level. If you are not sure of your child's reading level...reach out to the school’s literacy teacher for additional information.

Online Databases

Are the books at home getting you down? Spice up your student’s reading choices with MackinVia.

Here's how:

  • Log in to Classlink using your child student ID
  • Go to the MackinVia App
  • To find fun educational games: click on databases, left of the screen

Parent & Family Engagement Workshops

Our workshops are designed to continue to build parent capacity in providing their children support in reading and math. We plan our workshops around strategies the students are taught during the school day. The workshops provide families with a better understanding of what the students are doing in school and provide parents with tools to support their children as they continue to learn at home.

We Welcome Parent Feedback

By law, schools supported with Title I funds MUST provide parents and families with opportunities to support the school. Schools must host an annual Title I Parent Input Meeting. Parent voice is essential to developing the school's Title I Plan at the meeting, including the parent and family engagement plan and school-parent compact. Parents have the right to inquire about the qualifications of any teacher or paraprofessional at the school. Parents have the right to ask the principal for the school's strategic plan to review and suggest recommendations to improve academics, parent participation, community involvement, attendance, and school safety.

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How to reach us

Stacey Witte, Parent & Family Engagement Specialist