Tyler's Tech Tips

November 2018 Edition

GIF Maker, Google Shortcuts, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Resources for Copyright Free Images

GIF Maker

While most of us know how to send a GIF through a messaging app, do you know how to make one?

Brush Ninja is a very kid-friendly website that allows you to create your own simple GIFs. While you cannot upload your own images, you may use many features to draw text, lines, shapes, etc.

And FYI, after doing a little bit of research, I found out that it's pronounced "jif" and not "gif".

Websites for Copyright Free Images

By now, most of us know that we cannot simply use images we find on a Google search for our own use. Especially if our students are creating presentations or documents, they need to know a few sites that allow the use of their images. As I do my daily research of tech tips on Free Tech for Teachers, I came across this chart that gives 13 sites to use instead of a Google Search.

Click here to view and use this helpful chart.