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January 3

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Information for our Campus

Monday, January 3: Grades upload by 4 pm. Remember eligibility is based on 2nd 9 weeks average, not semester average.

Tuesday, January 4: GTCH due to Wales by 2:00 pm. We are putting a "collection box" in the CT building in the "break room". I will come by at 2:00 to get it. You can also put it in my mailroom box or if you are in the ABC building, you can bring them to me in B201 or A200.

Wednesday, January 5: Regular Faculty Meeting is scheduled for Jan. 27

Friday: Speech and Debate Tournament on the campus. If you are not judging, clear out as soon as possible and secure belongings.

Sub Tubs

FYI: I am looking into getting "Sub Tubs" for everyone. Central Office is encouraging us to have them ready in our room with emergency lesson plans. If we all have a "tub" then it will be obvious where to look for lesson plans for a sub if we ever need to get something together quickly for you.

Information from Johnny

1. Start decluttering your area...think of it like spring cleaning. This is audit related; remember that wheelchairs have to be able to move around your room.

2. When you submit a Help Ticket add Justin's email (jmissi@neisd.net) at the bottom of the ticket where it says additional emails. This will allow Justin to help with technology issues.

Important Dates

Tuesday, January 5 GTCH

Wednesday, January 13 Department Meeting, CT 626

Monday, January 18 Holiday

Wednesday, January 27 Faculty Meeting

Career Expo

Thursday, April 14th, 6pm

12002 Jones Maltsberger Road

San Antonio, TX

Applaud Corner

Robin Morriss recommended that we nominate someone deserving from our department each month for Charger with Pride. I will be glad to do the nomination for the department, just send me name and information to put on the nomination form.

Thank you Rebecca for all of your hard work in supporting and promoting the department.

Way to go HOSA!!!

1 EMT team placed 5th out of 26.

1 Forensic Medicine team placed 7th out of 41.

1 Physical Therapy student placed 2nd out of 22.

1 Sports Medicine student placed 5th out of 40.

1 student placed 1st in the Officer Credentialing Exam for Area Officer.

3 students going straight to State for the Healthcare Issues Exam.

1 student going to Area for Medical Photography.

2 students going to Area for Health Career Display.

1 student going to Area for Researched Persuasive Speaking.