Genetically Modified Organisms- A Great Idea

Increases Food Productivity

  • Innovation is the only way to meet the world's burgeoning needs for food and medicine
  • In as few as 50 years, population could double
  • GM crops will boost production, and grow crops where they couldn't be grown before (see Benifits the Farmers)

Health Benifits

  • Longer shelf life
  • Better for us with less calories, fat and more nutritional content
  • Safer to eat- lower fungal toxins and use fewer pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers
  • Malnutrition will go away as new vitamins and minerals will be placed in food people already eat
  • Vaccines could be put into foods, making it easier to ship, store and administer them.

Benifits the Farmers

  • Reduces Crop Loss with insect resistance, anti-freeze, disease resistance
  • Saves money by reducing weed killers and other pesticides
  • Reduces land degradation and soil erosion by 70%
  • Plants could be drought or salt tolerant, allowing farming in new areas
  • Increases harvest yields by 5-8%
  • Triple crop yields without additional farmland
  • Could withstand early spring and late fall, so that eventually farmers could plant two crops each year


  • Plants and animals modify all the time
  • Current foods have been modified and are now much better
  • More precise for traditional plant breeding
  • Also makes it much faster

Tested Thoroughly

  • Meet federal safety standards
  • Test protein, toxicity, and allergy - inducing potential
  • 3 Government programs regulate- EPA, FDA and Department of Agriculture