Calculating Percents

Taxes,Tips,Discounts,Mark ups,and Commission by Katlynn Knox

What is this about?

In class we are studying percentage. The type of Percents we are studying are taxes,tips,discounts,Mark ups,and commission.

Taxes,tips,and Mark ups!

Taxes tips and Mark ups are alike in a way. They are all a percent added to the original amount.


Everyone likes discounts right? Well discounts are a certain amount of money taken off the original amount. The discount is the amount of money you save!


Commission is money someone makes off of a sale.It is a percent of a number. A car salesman makes commission.

Example of taxes and tip.

I am going to Applebee's. My favorite place to go.

I ordered a steak well done and a Pepsi. The total was $ 8.75. The tax in Summit county is 6.75% so the tax was $0.59. With tax, the bill was $9.34. The steak was just how I wanted it so I left the waitress $2.15 a 23% tip. The total bill was $11.67.

Example of discount

JC Penny is having an sale on my favorite pants. The pants are 50% off. The original cost is $85.99. The cost of the pants after the sale is $43 without tax.

Example of commission

My uncle works at a car dealership. All the money he makes is commission. He earns a 30% commission on his sales each day. At the end of the week,he sold a car for $30,299. He had made $9,098.70 by the end off the week.

Example of markup

At the Apple Store, they are running low on iPhone 6's. The demand is very high at the moment. So the original price was $300. The people at Apple did a 20% markup. That means the iPhone 6 is now $360.