By: Julissa


A pediatrician is a doctor for kids. They work in the health cluster. I choses this career because I like to help children in need.


~Pediatrician earn at last $187,200 per year

Job Description

~ growth opportunities If I can become a pediatrician I can be or grow to be the manager.

work environment

~Well since you are helping kids that are sick you need to work indoors to help them.

Tools you will use

A pediatrician is a doctor for kids and babys.


~They also work with kids 1-18 years old you can also trust your pediatrician for anything you are feeling or going through.

Training & Education

~You will need a bachelor's degree. You will also need to go to Medical schools. Lastly you will need to go through rotations.


~take patients history ~ update charts ~order test ~review test results ~recommend treatment ~answer questions ~help patients take care of there health

what you would wear

~You would wear a lab coat with all the tools you will use on check up in a bag of your chose.
~To sum up, Yes I am still interest because I love helping people.