Mrs. Tuttle's CAP Class ~ Shields Elementary

September 15, 2016

Mission Statement

We, the Wizards of the CAP House, will participate in advanced level learning, have a growth mindset, and work towards BIG dreams, by following our school rules, and having fun!

What's Happening??

  • 9/16 Walking field trip to Lewes Police Department

  • 9/22 Fall Pictures

  • 9/27 PTO meeting 6:30 in the library

  • 9/30 Betty Gooch 5K 5-7 pm

  • 10/13 Evening Conferences


Dear families,

Happy Thursday! It's been a week of getting to know each other and where we are with reading and math this week as we completed our pre-assessments. These assessments are used for instructional purposes so I can gather information about where your child is currently performing and where I need to begin instruction. Next week, we will begin our reading and math curriculum.

We are looking forward to delivering boxes of goodies to the Lewes Police Department for "Thank a Police Officer Day." We have two wagonfuls that we will be delivering! If you see any officers over the weekend, encourage your child to personally thank them for doing their job.

Our classroom jobs have been posted and the students began completing job applications today. Students complete applications by choosing the job they would like, explaining why they would like it, and sharing skills they believe they possess that would make them good at the job. Applications are all due tomorrow and then positions will be filled for September and October. All students are required to have at least one job at some point during the year. One of the jobs is for journalists so stay tuned for some student posts in future newsletters!

We got some FABULOUS news this week that Mrs. Nauman and Mrs. Morris (our technology specialist) have found us iPads to make our room 1:1. Every student will have their own iPad to enable us to have more personalized learning. We will use them for Schoology, ReadWorks, blogging, creating videos, and more. The students are very excited to begin using digital tools. Of course, with the technology comes more responsibility so we will spend time reviewing digital citizenship and staying SMART online. A paper came home last week explaining the rules we use when online.

I hope the school year is off to a great start! If you need anything I'm only an email away.

Mrs. Tuttle


The first novel we will be enjoying is "The Phantom Tollbooth". Students will be reading this text and completing work that goes along with it in class. I am a big believer in talking with your kids about what they are reading so feel free to get a copy and read with us!


In math, the 4th graders will begin by studying large numbers and brushing up on addition and subtraction with big numbers. We will be reviewing multiple strategies including the standard algorithm. They will then move into multiplication and division.

The 5th graders will begin a unit on multiplication and division including long division and then move into decimals.


We will be using a Writer's Workshop model during our writing time. This time will be spent with a mini lesson teaching a writing skill or focus and then allow much of the time for students to be writing. As they are writing, I can then be conferencing with individuals to provide feedback and tailor instruction to personalize learning. I'm excited to read their pieces!


Homework will begin next week on Thursday, September 22nd!

After reviewing survey results last year from both parents and students, I have decided to continue using choice boards. Students will be assigned some MUST DO's and then choose other activities for the week.

Following our school policy, the choice boards will come home on Thursdays and be due the following Thursday. Having a week to complete the homework allows you to work with your child to set up a plan for completion. You can schedule around your evening and family commitments and make homework work with your schedules. Life is all about time management and organization so practicing with homework is a great way to begin teaching your child these important skills.


100% of families have completed the parent inventory and are now connected with our class on Remind.

THANK YOU so very much for your support!

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