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Asking Price: $50-$100 per leader per hour

Get a leader with the proper traits today!

Leaders have a lot of different traits, but nobody is perfect. Using this site, you can rent a leader for $50-$100 a leader per hour.

The different traits of leaders are:

Mercy/Forgiveness -- For those people who tend to make mistakes and don't like being reprimanded.

Empathy -- For those people who want to not only be lead but also understood.

Optimism -- For anyone and everyone who can't stand sadness

Altruism -- For those who tend to get hurt easily.

Eloquence -- For those who love to hear the fancy wording.

Discernment -- For those who expect to be graded and judged.

Modesty -- For those who can't stand stuck-ups.

Honesty -- For those who do not want to be told how they are perfect little angels.

Leadership -- For everyone... it's basically the reason why you are hiring this leader.

Confidence -- For those who do not want to be told how they can't do it because nobody's perfect.

Commitment -- For all people who have common sense. You don't need a leader who's a slacker.

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Some of our more popular leaders

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I ordered 100 leaders for our school, The Ology Academy of Ologies, and was completely amazed by the productiveness and perfectness of them! All the students commented on how every teacher was exactly suited for their job!

-- Principal Mahily Dysuen

I have four children to take care of, and both me and my wife have jobs that keep us away all day. We tried hiring babysitters, but they didn't seem to realize the need of homework. We tried maids, but they didn't work with the kids. We were stuck, and my wife was at the verge of quitting her job to care for our children. One day, one of my colleagues told me how one of his friends was a leader for a job! I was so happy to find that! I told my wife, and we hired a personal leader. It was amazing. When we came home, not only was the homework done and the children safe, they were clamoring about how wonderful their leader was! Thank you, Madody Corp!

-- Henry Wister

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