Seth Mcfarlane

Oct 26,1973 Kent,Ct


Since he was two years old he has been drawing. He drew pictures of Woody Woodpecker and Fred Flinstone. Once he was nine years old he got his first job. Seth loooked up to Chuck Jones the creator of the Lonney Tunes .He worked making comic strips for his local newspaper. He went to RSID to studies animation and video. He wanted to work for Disney but got a job by Hana Barbana. He worked on Johnny Brovo,Chicken and Cow, and the Life of Larry in the beginnig of his career. Current day Seth now works on one of the most famous tv show Family Guy. Now Seth holds awards like producer of the year award in non fiction television,emmy outstanding voice over performance and best on screen duo mtv movie award. He has also hosted the Oscars once.

Did you know....

Seth Mcfarlane sings.

He based Peter Griffin of of his collage security.

Louis originaly had blonde hair.


"'Now I may be an idiot, but their is one i am not sirand that sir, is an idiot'"

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