Tooth 'Tattoo' Sensor

Life Changing Computer System

Can moniter a patients health

The 'tooth tattoo' is a removable tattoo that adheres to dental enamel and could eventually monitor a patient's health with unprecedented sensitivity.

Picture: The sensor, shown here on a cow's tooth, detects bacteria in the body and passes a signal to a nearby receiver.

Princeton University create life changing device

Graduate student Manu Mannoor works with a tooth to which he has attached a biosensor capable of detecting minute amounts of bacteria. The sensor, which can be applied like a child's temporary tattoo, could be useful for diagnosing and monitoring a variety of illnesses.
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Input, Process and Output

The tooth tattoo is placed on the person and is connected to a device to track the input in the person, the tattoo is constantly helping to search for things that could help detect tooth decay, gum disease and other illnesses. The system will be asking itself, 'is this a harmful disease?' Basic yes or no. The output would be the information the tattoo would be providing to the user.