Writing and Education

By: Taryn and Branden

What jobs did scribes do?

Scribes helped collect taxes, administer the laws, and supervise government projects. They recorded taxes in cities and towns. Went to diffrent scribe schools to learn to be a scribe.

Also they read for hundreds of egyptain people who couldnt read.

What classes did scribes come from?

Scribes came from the upper class. Only men where allowed to become scribes, women weren't allowed. Being a scribe was a way to be higher in social classes

What was school life like?

Most students that went to school were from upper class families. School was violent, you could have been beaten if you didn't want to learn, or do any of your work. School wasn't very easy for these students, school could have lasted all day from sunrise to sunset. Many of the students spent years and year to finally master the hieroglyphic system

What is Hieratic script?

The Hieratic script was an easier way to write in cusive. They used this system for record keeping. HIeratic scirpt is also hieroglyphics.


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