Safety First!

By: Taylor, Dino, Kasique, Duncan

What we made...

Our team made a device that can detect when children try to escape their baby gate. This device will prevent your child from the dangers of whats beyond the gate. You kid will stay much safer because when the the child tries to open the gate the two pieces of tinfoil will activate an alarm. This will then alert you of the situation. Its very simple. When the handle is touched it will slightly bump the wall which causes the alarm to go off. If the parent/ guardian wants the gate to be open, they can unplug the cord from the computer and the alarm will be deactivated. With this device childhood safety will be greatly improved. Parents will no longer need to worry about those scary times when you look away for a split second and the next thing you know, the kid is gone. I hope this can improve peoples daily lives.

We are the Makey Makey squad and this is how you can save your child from harm.

Our goals...

Our goal as a company was to improve the world in some manner. We wanted to improve childhood safety. We know that with our device children will be much safer.