Spring break reviews

By zach T


on this break I went on a cruse that woiuld end up bringing me and my family fame,money,and glory. Here is how me and my enventure begain. when alot of wierd and uniqu stuff started to happen. We hadocked here i saul d been in the same same area for about two days now and people including me have seen wierd and unique stuff. The first day we were docked i had seen a corel reef but it look liked somwone had carved it to make it look like a statue. so later on on trhe second day they let us go scubadiving. When i went in i saul what looked liked building and amazing statues. After i was was amazed i went back up. i knew what it was but i wasnt sure. I thaught it wqas Alantis, i knew i had just found the lost mythical city. But i also knew that i couldnt tell anywone beacuse they might go down and destroy the city. I went down afew more times but when the boat left so did i. I had the best spring break ever.