Hello Gorgeous STAR Director Team!

oh what fun it is to be a Dazzling Gem!

Congrats to EACH and every one of you!

After seeing so many of you at the Holiday Party I think it finally sank in. WE ARE A STAR DIRECTOR TEAM!!! I am so incredibly grateful to have this job I love, to have developed some pretty amazing friendships because YOU decided to be a girl who just decided to go for it and start this sparkly adventure, and to get to "work" with this most extraordinary group of women every day. You girls seriously fill my cup - it is an honor to be your leader...yet it is YOU who inspire ME everyday and teach me so much about being a better stylist, mentor, and person.

Talk about one amazing team effort in November - over $500,000 in accessories sold. 553 trunk shows held. 31 dazzling promotions (not including re-promotions). And the following number of stylists earning their pay rank

2 STAR Directors

2 Directors

3 Associate Directors

12 Star Stylists

9 Senior Stylists

25 Associate Stylists

6 Lead Stylists

I literally have chills when I think about all of you who went after your "Holiday Why" in November, became a GOAL-den Girl, and are stellabrating the goals you set for yourself. We are off to a super strong December and I cannot wait for you to end 2015 with a BANG! I cannot even wait to hear your big dreams for 2016…..but let's not get ahead of ourselves!

Thank you for the amazing team gifts. I have a feeling the "Glitter Is My Favorite Color" will be getting some VIP treatment in my arm parties. I cannot wait to ring in the New Year with some very special bubbly! The "Be Dazzling" candle will surely make my house smell yummilicious and ahhhh - I am sooooo excited to go shopping for something sassy for Director's Summit with the incredibly generous gift card to Anthropologie. I was totally dazzled and humbled by these sweet sweet gift. And I cannot watch this super special Flipogram Allyson Houchen made without tearing up. Yes - I am super sappy - but you girls are also pretty darn special and each have a sparkly place in my heart <3

Love you girls!

xo Missy


It's time to get some trunk shows on our January calendars! This is the BEST gift you can give to yourself…to get your year off to a fun and sparkly start! Trust me - it is SUCH a good feeling to open up that January calendar on the first and see bookings! Know why sometimes stylists think January is slow or not a "good" month for social selling? Because they have taken time off in December from rockin' their 2-2-4-2 and aren't putting in the work to make it work. Gals might not reach out to YOU to say "hey - I'd love to have a trunk show - will you do one for me?" BUT if you OFFER ten girls one….we know ONE will say YES! I love numbers and had to pull up these stats - the harder you work…the luckier you get and just think of the momentum having a STRONG Jan will create for your entire year! Here are some stats I pulled from my dashboard history…

Jan 2011 - $5,365 in sales

Jan 2012 - $5,238 in sales

Jan 2013 - $9585 in sales - 8 trunk shows

Jan 2014 - $10,823 in sales - 6 trunk shows

Yes - we love this flexible and fun gig, but a little effort this week will make a BIG difference on your start to 2016! This is the BEST week to book up your January. Next week everyone goes into super panic mode and you won't get in touch with anyone, and the week after Christmas everyone checks out for family time. And then we'll be in January and though you can book in tight, some ladies will still have that mentality that they can't book a show in the month we are already in and will push you to February. And know why that's no good? Because you CANNOT miss out on starting your 2016 off with a bang!

SO - we have some work to do!!! And because I love a carrot and I know you all do too, I'll be raffling off the new Crosby Hobo bag WHEN we reach our booking goal of adding 50 new January trunk shows THIS WEEK! We can & we will! And there will be prizes along the way for every 10 week book! There are more than 520 of us…that means only 10% of us need to book a new January show to have this fabulous bag raffled off. Don't you want to be in that 10%???

Look on the Dazzling Gems Facebook page for words to say, images, and inspiration for booking! And hop on the Business Blitz tonight!

Event: Business Blitz
Date: Wednesday, December 16th
Time: 5pmPST/7pmCST/8pmEST
Connect: 800-747-5150 code: 6977091#

Your trunk show pipeline will thank you. And go ahead - book your own Spring Debut Trunk Show or Dot Dollar redemption (IN HOME) show and bling it on in 2016!

Let's keep on celebrating - November was EPIC!!!!!

Congrats to Stefanie Ott - STAR Director and Leader of The Shining Diamonds!!!! Happy 5 Year Stellaversary - cheers to my FIRST team member! It all started at a December "Cookies and Couture" Trunk Show!

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Yahoo - you two are gorgeous DIRECTORS!!!!! Cannot wait to toast to you on the vineyards in Napa!!!

Kaitlin Cole - you earned yourself an invite to Director's Summit in Napa!!!!

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You girls are shining bright like the STAR STYLISTS that you are!!!!! Cheers to getting to the "sweet spot" in Stella & Dot!

Hello New Senior Stylists! Enjoy the fabulous leader pages you have been added to!

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You are leading your team in style - Congrats to these new Associate Stylists!

Cheers to our Top Ten!

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Missy Bryan

STAR Director

Leader of The Dazzling Gems