Carol Aguilar

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Location of Battle

Adams County, Pennsylvania


Who won? Who Lost?

  • The Union won the war, The Confederacy lost
  • Both sides lost 22,000 soldiers

Why was the Battle of Gettysburg important?

  • It was a key battle that finally turned the tide against the Confederates

Why was it fought?

  • To end the Confederacy’s last full-scale invasion of the North

Fun Facts

  1. Gatling gun, faster-loading rifles with rifling in the barrels, and the new, deadlier ammunition called the min-ball
  2. The Battle of Gettysburg was the deadliest battle of the Civil War. There were around 46,000 casualties including nearly 8,000 deaths
  3. The soldiers had to deal with hunger, bad weather, poor clothing, an boredom between the battles