By: Greg Bashaar

Planet Characteristics

  • Blue Star
  • orbit: 75au
  • Planet mass: 5
  • Volcanoes... yes
  • Plate movement... yes
  • Liquid water... yes
  • Producers... yes

Earth Tilt

Earths tilt causes seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. When the sun's rays are on the Tropic of Cancer its Winter in the Southern Hemisphere and it's Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.It's the other way around when the sun's rays are on the Tropic of Capricorn. When the sun's rays are on the Equator Its Fall or Spring.

My Planets Gravity

If you go on my planet you will weigh more than you do regularly, cause of the gravity. You would probably weigh 10 pounds more.


My planet only has 1 moon so there are high, low,spring and, neap tides that are a little bit stronger than normal because there is more gravity on my planet