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March 28, 2022

24-Hour Attendance Line: 425.408.4410


Save the Dates!

Calendar Link: https://eastridge.nsd.org/our-school-clone/calendar

Early Release Wednesday: 2:05pm release

ASB Spirit Week April 4-8

  • Monday Sports day.
  • Tuesday Animal Day - dress up as an animal or wear a clothing item that represents any animal.
  • Wednesday Twin-Triplet-Quadruplet Day - coordinate with a friend or friends and match…it can be as simple as wearing the same color. Be kind, be inclusive! Staff will be sharing their outfit plans so that kids can "twin" with a staff member that day if they want!
  • Thursday Disney Day - dress up as a Disney character or a clothing item that represents anything Disney.
  • Friday Comfy Cozy Day - let’s comfy-cozy our way into the spring break.

ASB Unhoused Donation Drive April 4-22

ASB is hosting its first donation drive which benefits people that are unhoused. ASB was inspired by Jahkil Jackson's Project I Am organization. ASB is collecting the following items which will be stuffed into "Sunshine Bags".

Donations will be collected and put into Sunshine Bags! Sunshine bags will go to Mary’s Place, a local shelter in the greater Seattle area that helps people that are in need of housing. Students will be writing/drawing Sunshine Notes in the classroom that will be stuffed into the bags!

  • Gallon size Ziplock bags

  • Chapstick

  • travel size wipes

  • deodorant

  • travel size first aid kit

  • mini bottled water

  • granola bar or trail mix

  • Neosporin

  • peppermints

  • pocket tissue

  • travel size hand sanitizer

  • toothpaste and toothbrush

  • travel size Vaseline

  • travel size lotion

  • face towel

  • socks

  • travel size shampoo and conditioner

  • soap

Learn more at https://www.marysplaceseattle.org/ and https://officialprojectiam.com/

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Track & Field

The East Ridge Suns Track and Field Team needs volunteers to serve as assistant coaches this season. Volunteers are encouraged to support the team at any level of time commitment from acting as an assistant coach for the full season to helping at a single practice. No experience or athletic ability is necessary. Practices will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting on April 19 and the season ends with the final meet on May 24. Although detailed volunteer sign-up information will be provided in the Track and Field registration package that will be sent home with the students shortly, volunteers are encouraged to reach out to the head coach (Mitchell Zimberg: 425-941-3599 / mitchellzimberg@outlook.com) at any time. Thank you for supporting the team!

Kindergarten Registration Open - Register ASAP!

Kindergarten registration for fall has opened. Please register your student ASAP and encourage your friends and neighbors who have kindergarten-age children to register. The earlier families register, the earlier we can secure the number of kindergarten teachers we need!

Registration is online at: https://www.nsd.org/schools/get-started/enrollment.

Children entering kindergarten in September 2022 should have turned five years old by August 31, 2022. If you have questions, please call the office at 425.408.4400.

To register your child for kindergarten, you will need the following documents:

  • Proof of residency (rental agreement, utility bill, mortgage statement)

  • Your child's birth certificate, passport or other proof of birthdate

  • Immunization records

  • Names and phone numbers of emergency contacts

East Ridge will host a virtual Kindergarten Information Night on Tuesday, June 14th at 7pm.

Sunshine Slips

Congratulations to the following students who have been caught demonstrating our East Ridge Expectation Pillars: Being Kind, Being Respectful, Being Responsible, and Being Safe.

This week’s winners:

  • Greta G. in Mrs Ratliff's room for being responsible trying new writing skills.

  • Jaina N. in Ms Schmidt's room for being kind and praising a classmate.

  • Sydney T. in Mrs Reed's room for being respectful.

  • Lucy Y. in Mrs Gangwish's room for being kind and responsible in PE.

  • Cece G. in Mrs Loke's room for being respectful and responsible working independently and quietly during math groups.

  • Cypress I. in Mrs Anderson's room for being respectful and listening during Second Step

  • London DB. in Mrs Morris' room for being responsible in PE

  • Ainsley T. in Mrs Harrer's room for being responsible and following directions right away

  • William K. in Mrs Hill's room for being responsible.

  • Sky S. in Ms Schmidt's room for being kind and respectful rising above difficult situations

The Golden Dustpan award this week goes to Room 22 Mrs. Hager and Mrs. Pinkelman's room. Great job 3rd graders!

Way to go Suns - keep it up!

Nurse's Corner

Welcome to Spring!

Time for the sun to shine and warmer weather to come out way. Here are some reminders and information:

  • Allergies are an issue this time of year. If you have been told by your child’s medical provider that they have seasonal allergy issues, you will need to update the Student Health Record so we have it on file

  • Remember to do good hand washing and cover sneezes and coughs with tissue or crook of arm.

  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated

  • If your child is having a hard time with allergy symptoms (congestion, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes) and is miserable, please keep them at home.

  • Reminder that cough/throat lozenges are considered a medication by OSPI and a Medication Authorization Form (completed by health provider and parent) is needed in order to have them at school.

Get your FREE at-home Covid test kits!

Washington State is offering free, rapid, at-home COVID-19 test kits to residents of eligible communities https://www.sayyescovidhometest.org


Residential households in the U.S. are eligible for 2 orders of free at-home tests on USPS.com.



Free PCR testing provided by Northshore School District:

  • Location: Pop Keeney Stadium, 9809 NE 188th St, Bothell, WA 98011

  • Hours*:

    • Wednesdays, 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

    • Thursdays, 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

    • Fridays, 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

  • Who Can Be Tested:

    • Unvaccinated Northshore students and staff who were in a positive batch test

    • Students and staff who are referred for confirmatory testing

    • Students and staff experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

Make an Appointment: https://www.nsd.org/covid19/testing/confirmatory-testing

Register your permission for NSD PCR Testing: https://covid.cic-health.com/s/addSchoolMember?RRAccount=0014R00003ABUrT

Camp Cedar Springs

Camp Cedar Springs will take place a little differently this year. It will be two days but not overnight.


There will not be a nurse at camp. Minor first aid and non-urgent issues will be handled by trained camp staff and/or NSD staff.

Medication Policy

If your student requires any medication during the day, that they do not receive at school, you must complete a Medication Authorization form signed by your health care provider (request a form from the school nurse). This includes any over the counter products or prescription medication. Your provider must also indicate on this form if your student has permission to self-carry and administer medication. If you already have medication and an authorization form on file at school (ie. for EpiPens, inhalers, allergy medicine), you do not need to complete another form.

The above information regarding allergies also applies to Camp.

If at all possible, please give your student their medication at home before leaving. Needed medications will be carried and dispensed by trained school staff.**

Please only provide school with medication that needs to be given during the day at camp, and only the amount required for two days (not a full bottle). All medication must be brought to school by an adult, and counted and signed in to the nurse prior to camp. Medications and authorization forms will not be accepted on the day of departure. Returning medications must also be counted and signed back to an adult, they cannot be given to students to take home after camp.

PLEASE DO NOT PACK ANY MEDICATION OR OVER THE COUNTER PRODUCT IN YOUR STUDENTS BACKPACK, IT CANNOT BE GIVEN. Students are allowed to carry and self-apply non-aerosol sunscreen without an authorization form.

** If your student requires licensed care and emergency medicine (diabetes, seizures), please contact the school nurse for more information.

Parent volunteers are asked to self-carry their students' medication and administer as needed; a medication authorization is not required.

Contact Nurse Gerry if you have any questions or need a medication authorization form: 425-408-4406 or gcullins@nsd.org


The mission of East Ridge Elementary PTA is to enrich, encourage, and enlighten. We do this by providing a wide spectrum of educational programs and a network of support for our students and staff. To learn more, join, or donate, click the link: https://erpta.org/Page/Pta/PTAHome

Math Challenge

Thank you to everyone that entered Math Challenge 11. The top responses can be found below and will receive a small prize via their classroom teacher:

MC 11:

Adelle E. - 2nd, Oliver

Allison E. - 4th, Dickens

Callum B. - 1st, Harrer

Kaidan R. - 1st, Harrer

If you haven’t tried Math Challenge yet this school year there is still time! There are 4 challenges left and you can enter whichever ones you would like!

Math Challenge 12 is available now and due March 31st. For more information click on the link: https://tinyurl.com/2ru3cmhr

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East Ridge Elementary PTA presents the Missoula Children's Theatre production of Alice in Wonderland! Online registration opens on April 1st at 8:00PM. Submitted registrants will be invited to the audition on April 25th at 3:45PM. Rehearsals will take place every day after school from April 25th - 29th. Auditions, rehearsals, and performances will be in the East Ridge gym.

Registration link will be available at erpta.org. The link will go live at 8PM on April 1st. Families must be a member of the East Ridge PTA to register! You may go online now to register and set up an account.

All students grades 1-5 are encouraged to audition for the 60 roles plus 4 assistant producer positions. No advance preparation is necessary. Most students rehearse approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes each day, Monday through Friday. Performances are scheduled for Saturday, April 30th at 3:00PM and 5:30PM at East Ridge Elementary. For more information email Dani Beresford (dani.wcds@outlook.com) or Angelica (iangelicarg@gmail.com)

ALICE IN WONDERLAND is part of the Missoula Children's Theatre's unique international touring project and is presented in Woodinville by East Ridge Elementary PTA.

These activities are not sponsored nor endorsed by the Northshore School District or any of its schools. The district assumes no responsibility for the conduct during or the safety of the activities. Northshore School District shall be held harmless for any cause of action, claim or petition filed in any court or administrative tribunal arising out of the distribution of the materials including attorney’s fees and judgement or awards.

ERPTA Board meeting flyer
ERPTA Community Auction- An Evening at the Races

Our annual auction is the PTA’s primary fundraising event for the year. This year’s funds will help support a variety of causes, including teacher enrichment, new picnic tables, and a covered area to cover the Friendship Garden. These spaces will allow students to have a sheltered area for quiet activities, such as reading and drawing during recess. It will also be accessible during school events and provide a covered outdoor area for art, music and other school activities.

Invitations will be distributed soon! Everyone who registers by April 6th will be entered to win an overnight stay and breakfast for 2 at Archer Hotel Redmond the evening of the event!

In the meantime, please visit our event website where you will find event information along with volunteer and donation opportunities!

Contact us at becommunityauctioninfo@gmail.com today!

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Derby Desserts Wanted!!!

The Dessert Dash is a popular auction experience where attendee tables pool donations for the opportunity to select from a group of desserts with the highest bid getting first choice, second choice, and so forth.

We are partnering with local bakeries to provide in-kind donations and we are looking for members of the school community to contribute a dessert that feeds up to 8 people. School community donations were our primary, and favorite, source of desserts in previous years. Anything from grandma's secret recipe to a custom themed cookie, we will happily take store bought too.

To learn more and sign up, please visit:


These activities are not sponsored nor endorsed by the Northshore School District or any of its schools. The district assumes no responsibility for the conduct during or the safety of the activities. Northshore School District shall be held harmless for any cause of action, claim or petition filed in any court or administrative tribunal arising out of the distribution of the materials including attorney’s fees and judgment or awards.

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