Hanna Palchefsky

Date Joined The European Union

Slovakia joined the European Union on May 1, 2004. It was not a founder of the EU.
One place you should go in Slovakia is The Tratis and Liptov if you like nature. In the summer, you can go on alpine tours. Another place you can go is Brataslava. It's the capital city in Danube. It's nearby the other European Capitals.
One physical feature are the Danube, Morava, Hron, Hornad and Vah rivers. One of the highest peaks are in the Tatra mountains.
The government type in Slovakia is a democracy.
The currency is now Euro after 16 years of them using Slovak Koruna.

3 Interesting Facts

*Slovakia is a very old country that has evidence of settling 22,800 years ago

*Slovak women marry the youngest

*Slovakia has the lowest birth rate in Europe