The 2B Times

Issue 15 - May 20, 2016

Dear 2B Families,

We have had such a busy few weeks with traveling safely to New Delhi, India as well as today's Brooklyn Bridge trip! This is the last field trip of the year, thank you so much to all parents who have volunteered to help us out on our trips this year!

  • In Math, we wrapped up our unit on arrays that establishes the foundation for multiplication and division. We are now working on data and measurement where we represent data using picture graphs and bar graphs. In second grade, we focus on analyzing data by answering comparison questions such as "How many more pennies did Callista collect on Monday than Thursday?". Recently, we have also practiced telling time to the 5 minutes with AM and PM as well as counting money with bills and coins up to $20. At home, encourage your child to practice with counting change to use the fewest amount of coins to show a given value.

  • In reading these past few weeks, we have been digging deep into the analyses of our favorite book characters. We have studied everything from character feelings and personality to identifying how and why our characters change over time. We will be wrapping up our Character Study Unit shortly and are excited to start the exciting unit on Poetry that follows. In writing, we are just about ready to publish our first opinion pieces, our “persuasive letters.” Let’s see if our young authors can convince you of their opinions by using the “double-stuffed OREO” format, including reasons and examples to support their argument.

  • In Inquiry, we watched the classic “An American Tale” and identified notable New York City landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. In anticipation of our bridge trip, we read the book 21 Elephants and Still Standing in both English and Spanish. Who knew that so many people were skeptical that the bridge would stand so strong! We are excited to learn even more about the Brooklyn Bridge over the coming weeks.

Important Dates and Reminders:

  • Monday, May 30 - Memorial Day: No School
  • Thursday, June 9 - No School

Learner Profile of the Month

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For the month of April, BPCS focused on a school-wide learner profile: inquirer. Savannah, Oliver, and Ai exemplified what it looks like to be an inquirer in our community! This month, we asked other students to give examples of how their friends were inquirer and this is what they said:


  • "She is talking and raising her hand a lot more now."
  • "She asks for help."


  • "Oliver is always focused."
  • "He loves to learn about new facts."


  • "He is always giving eye contact to the speaker."
  • "He always wants to learn."

Celebrating New Delhi, India!

Town Hall Dance - May 2016

Author Visit by Hyewon Yum

We Learn, We Play

Brooklyn Bridge Trip

Brooklyn Bridge Trip

A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

Our pumpkins are coming along wonderfully! ... Or tomatoes, or squash, or cucumbers. Just like in nature, not all of our pumpkin seeds germinated successfully (or at the same time), and so our open-minded second-grade Botanists moved on to other seedlings that they are using as hands-on teaching tools! They are discovering how photosynthesis works, have started designing their own labs in teams, and are learning how flowers depend on pollination to reproduce and make other plants. They learned this through a live demonstration from "Ms. Honeybee" a literal bee who was definitely not Ms. Rosabal in costume at all ;)... Ask your young botanist how Cheetos dust is like pollen, and they should be able to tell you all about it!

Sorry there are more pictures of plants than students! Next Science Update will feature more Botanists in action. :)

¡Y en español!

2B continues to grow and explore the language through different cultures and traditions. We use Shadow Theater to explore new Spanish vocabulary words and learn about Nigerian Culture. ¡Fantástico! We practice new vocabulary words in our white boards and even get a chance to solve math problems in Spanish!!!!!

Now we are getting ready for our new IB Unit- NYC over time- Bridges. We love to play the game el Puente se está cayendo and read out loud: Veintiún elefantes en el Puente de Brooklyn.

We are looking forward to continue exploring the world through the beauty and eyes of the Spanish Language. ¡El Mundo en español!

Muchas Gracias,

Ms. Rosado


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CONGRATULATIONS to all BPCS artists who helped create our New Delhi Installation.

Kinder Artists made all of the marigolds for the Flower Market. Grade One Artists designed and built the Palace. And Second Grade Artists researched and created all the beautiful Rangolis on display (on 8)!! Many thanks, artists, for all of your hard work!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of the parents who helped us get to INDIA!! We could not have made this trip without you! Your help and support is extraordinary! NAMASTE!

FYI : The Studio Lab no longer needs "colorful plastic bottle caps!" We have tons and the year end is quickly approaching!! THANK YOU! : )

New Delhi, India 2016
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