Technology Rules For Parents

By Jeena Malhi


Rule #1

Don't text and drive because you get distracted and you could be in an serious accident

Rule #2

Don't give out your personal information to anyone you don't know or on any social networks like Instagram,Facebook,Twitter,etc. becuase people could find out where you live and rob or kill you or something

Rule #3

Never drink and drive it's always a bad idea and I guarantee you'll regret it
Graphic Video Shows Drunk Driver Plow Into Crash Scene

Rule #4

Don't friend anyone you've never met before on any social networks because they're really not who think they are. This is what they look like:

Rule #5

Don't give out your password to anyone because they could log in to it and post bad things and say mean things to people and it'll look like you did it

Rule #6

Don't click on ads because they could lead unwanted downloads and viruses

Rule #7

Don't put your Facebook or Twitter profile public so others can see it, always turn on privacy so only your friends can see your posts

Rule #8

Always have location services turned off or people can track you down and rob you or do bad things to you

Rule #9

Don't agree to meet anyone you met online and haven't in real life already because they could turn out to be someone totally different like someone in Rule #4

Rule #10

Don't ever send your picture to strangers you've never met before because they could show it to other people and people will know who you are, and where you live and they could find you