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Jose Dominguez and Isaiah Martinez

Why Convection is Important?

Why we need to know about convection? Convection is with radiation,conduction are the three best modes of heat transfer.The transfer of fluids and liquids. Also convection happens when thermal energy is transferred by heat matter. Convection is hard to observe. Often convection is not visible difference in a fluid that provides a tell a tale sign that convection is occurring.Convection is an important part of the earths system. It is part of the air which circulates in the atmosphere is one of the examples of convection. As warm moist air reaches the the lower temperatures higher in the atmosphere it cools then creates clouds with out the creating clouds there wouldn't be any precipitation. How is convection important? convection is important because heat can transfer through a liquid.People cannot see convection it is very difficult.Then,Convection is very important to see the Earths system like the crust.So you can see Convection is very important in our life and The Earths system.