the sloth

by Eli

what im like

1. I live in the amazon

2. I give live birth

3. I come down from the tree one a week to go to the toilet

4. I can mate a the age of three

5. I sleep for 20 hours a day

6. I am captured as a exotic pet

7. I can swim very well

8. I am related to the armadillo and the anteater

9. there are 6 speices of my kind

10. I dont get obiese but I store fat in my feet

11. I eat shoots fruits and sometimes eggs

12. I live in all the levels of the rain forest

13. I am the size of a small dog

14. I grow algie on my fur to help me camoflage

15. I have two claws or "toes" to help me climb

16. the fur on my arms and head are brown bou the rest of my fur is white