Hay's Happenings

October 26-30, 2015

Look at what we are learning!


  • Mixed subtraction facts
  • Counting a combinations of coins and bills.
  • Solving addition and subtraction story problems, one and two steps
  • Use a part-part-whole model to solve addition and subtraction story problems
  • We will be taking a quiz Friday that contains a review of rounding, place value, addition and subtraction problem solving.


  • States of Matter
  • Physical and chemical changes
  • Science Demonstrations: Mrs. Douglass's students present on Wednesday and Mrs. Hay's students present on Thursday.

Our Week

Red Ribbon Week


Wear favorite team jersey.

Homework comes home in Green Homework Folder or Planner

Monday Folder comes home: Look through graded work and any pertinent handouts




Wear Red

Discovery and GT students are pulled.

Chinese/Korean class for 3rd and 4th grade 3:30-4:30 in room 203


Wear PJ's

All Homework is due

Book Fair Preview


Book Fair is open

$1 dress up day


Math quiz that includes a review of previously learned math skills.

Fall Party at 1:30

Things to Remember

Please continue practicing those subtraction facts. The greatest number we subtract from is 18.

TIPS: Count back when subtraction 1, 2, 3

Count on from the smaller number when subtracting a 4 or more.

October 31-Fall Party at 1:15

Week of October 26-Red Ribbon Week

November 3-Field Trip to Fanthorp Inn. email your homeroom teacher if you are interested in attending this trip.

Week of November 2-6-BOOK FAIR

November 11-Math Day-Parents, we want you to join us to have some math fun with your child.

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