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Macy's perspective on this week


From starting book clubs in reading to learning about explorers in social studies this week in Mrs. Jones class has been a hand full! With having fun to talking about IPads we have had many things to do!

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The competition is on!

This week at North we had had a door design contest between every class room in the school including the extra help teacher's rooms (speech, Apple reading and more). But the twist was it had to be Christmas themed in some way. So the teachers would ask the students what they wanted and the teachers would do the main thing and the kids would do something tiny to incroperate the students.

But Mrs. Jones' class did our own twist to it...The STUDENTS made everything! Starting with a class vote to making a design on our door in one day we accomplished a lot! With lots of hands on deck we got to finish everything and we're ready for judging. Even though we didn't win it turned out perfect in our minds for less than a day to work on it. Also, we want to thanks Macy for the design and idea if we would have not picked you to design it we would have never been able to finish it.

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Reading/ Book Clubs

This week in Reading we started to learn about different points of view of stories or real historic events. ( christphor Columbus meeting Natives). Then a other exciting thing we did was start our book clubs with books we chose from Mrs. Jones library. Including the books The Watsons go to Birmingham-1963, Among the hidden, shooting the moon, The name of this book is secret, CSI and even more!

Writing Workshop

So this week in writing we have been focusing on a lot of things but mostly our theme of our story. Also, the rest of the week days that we had, the kids were just writing their story with Mrs. Jones right by our side for help.


This week in social studies Mrs. Jones gave us an assignment to choose a explorer to reseach and make a presentation that's fun to show what you learned. Also, we worked in groups of two. We will continue to research and show our presentations next week!

5th Grade and Advanced Math

So basically this is a sum up of both 5th grade math and advanced math class. So during this week of math, Mr. Kimmel and Ms. Kesler have been going through fractions with their kids which includes equivalent fractions and turning them into decimals and percents. Also, they both had a test on everything they learned on Friday.

Then in room 204, the kids started a new unit on Geometry. The class started solving brain teasers where they had to form new shapes by moving sides and thinking "outside the box." The kids learned about vertical, adjacent, and supplementary angles. They also practiced measuring angles with protractors and converting measures of angles to degrees in order to make pie charts.

Holiday hat and dress up day!

This Friday was holiday hat and dress up day where kids would "dress up" Christmas themed for one dollar or just a kid could just donate which happened a lot in room 204. The money that is raised goes to the ambassadors shopping trip to Kohls to find some things for kids for Christmas. Here is a picture of almost all the kids who dressed up.

If you didn't know already one of Mrs. Jones students Delaney Howard won for the class and the whole school! With a number of 4 Mrs. Claus, 3 Santas, 1 batman Santa ( classic Lendon) 3 reindeer, 1 present, 2 elfs/elf on the shelf, an ice queen (not Elsa) and a hipster looking Christmas clolors outfit. Not including two donaters just to donate we gave a lot of pride into what we did!

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Monday, Dec. 8th, 10:15am to Friday, Dec. 12th, 12pm

North Elementary School, Noblesville, IN, United States

Noblesville, IN

Reminder next week is time for North's Santas Workshop. And we go on Monday at 10:20 but if you forget to bring your money I bet Mrs. Jones will help you manage a time to go without the whole class. Also, this event is in the MUSIC ROOM!