Cassidy Gifted and Talented News

Week of December 14

What We Are Up To This Week in Gifted and Talented!

This week in Literacy, we are wrapping up our Non-Fiction Research Projects. Students have been sharing them with their peers and we have been posting finished projects on our Gifted and Talented Website, if students choose to post them there (if not, they can access them to show you at home). If you child is not finished with their non-fiction research project, I could use your help in encouraging them to work on and finish their projects at home or in their extra time at school by the break so that we can share them and start a new project when they return! My last meeting with grades 2 and 3 is Tuesday Dec. 15 and my last meeting with grades 3-5 is Friday, Dec. 18. Students are also participating in book clubs alongside their projects or as they finish their projects.

In 2nd grade, we are working on exploring time and money with higher order thinking games!
In 3rd grade, we are working on exploring area with project-based learning.
In 4th and 5th grade, we are working on advanced problem solving skills and explaining our thinking.

In the Community

The Lexington Children's Theater offers acting classes and is currently beginning auditions for Mulan.