Long Jump

Olympic Regression


Long Jump is a field event in the Summer Olympics. While men have been competing in long jump Since 1896, women have only been competing since 1928. In long jump the competitors run on a runway trying to jump as far as they can into a sand pit.

Match Up

In the summer olympics male and females do not compete against one another. But taking the data of the previous ten Summer Olympics we can analysis the data to determine how the men and women would compare.

The Goal

The following data presented uses linear regression along with mathematical predictions to compare the performance of men and women gold medalist in Long Jump. With the use of these models we can determine when the current gender that outperforms the other will be outperformed.

The Date

The data below shows the past ten Summer Olympic Gold medalist jumps for both men and women in Long Jump.

Scatter Plot

The square dots represent the male competitors and the X's are the female competitors.

Liner Regression

The lines represent the trend for the male and female gold medalist. The red line represents the female medalist and the blue represents the male medalist.

Intersection Point

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The intersection point of the two trend line is important in achieving the goal of this study. Since the males line is decreasing the men are worsening at the sport while the women are improving to surpass the men. The trend lines show that then men are not able to jump as far as they used to while the women are improving to jump farther. The blue line is the trend line for the male competitors, which decreasing while the female red line is increasing. Currently the men are out competing their female counterparts but it is estimated that in the 2188 Olympics the women will out preform the men.

The X Coordinate

The years found on a timeline are represented by the independent variable. 2187 is then the X-Cordinate occurs, which is not a Summer Olympic year. The Summer Olympics after 2187 occurs in the year 2188. According to these trend lines the women will start outperforming the men in Long Jump in the year 2188.

The Y Coordinate

The Y intercept represent the dependent value of 7.870 meters. This represents the estimated gold medalist jumps for both genders in the year of 2188. Since the female competitors are increasing while the male competitors decrease the difference in their jumps will decrease. In the olympics of 2188 the women gold medalist is predicted to out jump the men.
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