European Country Discovery Project

By Jayden Roach

County Basics

The name of the Country is England, the capital is London and the flag is the England flag. derived from st Georges Cross.
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England is located in the United Kingdom, some country's around it are called Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and France. A major land form in England is Scafell Pike, the highest point in England, and a mountain in England is called The Cumbrian Mountains. Here are some landmarks and major bodies of water located in England too, here they are; Landmarks- Stonehenge , Windsor Castle, Hadrians Wall, Kings Collage Cambridge, The White Cliffs of Dover, Blackpool Tower, Buekingham Palace, Place of west Minister, The Tower of London, The London Eye and St Pauls Cathearal. Bodies of Water- Lake Windermere (most Beautiful place in England) and River Thames. There is some human environment interaction of deforestation and farming.


The type of government England has is a Constitutional Monarchy, the leader is technically Queen Elizabeth but the Prime Minister, David Cameron, makes all the decisions. The Prime Minister, is chosen by a public vote. The rights, rules, and responsibilities of citizens is basic, their exactly like here in the US.


England uses Pound Sterling for money, their most important imports is fuels, chemicals, gas turbines, food, beverages and tobacco. Life Expectancy in England is about 81 years, Birth Rate is 1.83 children per woman, Literacy is rate 99% with a rank of 29 out of 194

(their among the best in the world).


Clothes in England are no different from what we wear in the US, languages spoken in England are English and Polish. There are different holidays in England then what we celebrate, they celebrate The Jorvik Viking Festival and London Fashion week, and the celebrate things like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc.. Religion in England is mostly Christianity, Roman Catholicism and Methodism. Food in England is like our food but potatoes, vegetables, curry, and different types of meats are most popular.


In England the Summers are 15.6 Celsius to 60 Fahrenheit and in Winters its 4.4 Celsius to 40 Fahrenheit. General weather conditions in England are usually cool winters and hot Summers. The Average yearly rainfall is 915mm to 926.9mm.

History and Comparing

Norman Conquest-11th

century it started, it was an occupation of England, the invasion was by an army of Norman and Breton and French soldiers led by duke William of Normandy the 2nd, later styled as William the conqueror.

Invasion of the British Isles- Occurred throughout modern history, occurred in various states within territorial space, that now comprises, the British Isles were invaded several times, by Romans, Germans, Scandinavians and the Dutch


In England different types of meat are common and its the same in the US,

clothes are the same too and English is spoken in both of them too.



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