Multiplying and dividing decimals!!

Multiply and divide your decimals for free!!

Some examples of where you would multiply decimals.

If you were buying several of something and it is not easy to do in your head.

If you were buying gas for your car.

If you were buying something and the price is measured by pounds.

Some examples of where you would divide decimals.

If you were buying stuff and you had a coupon.

If you had cookies and wanted to share it with your friends equally.

If you had money and had to split it between people.

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So fast and easy

How to do it

First, line up your numbers and get rid of your decimal for now, and multiply like you would normally multiply.

Then,with your answer, count how many numbers are after the decimal in the numbers you were multiplying.

Next, with that number, count that many time from the back of your answer going to the left.

Finally, wherever you are in your number, place a decimal in that space, and then you have your answer. For dividing, all you have to do is ignore the decimal and divide regularly, and when you have your answer, just drag up the decimal from where it was in the first place.