Career and College Exploration

Use CIS to Explore Careers and College

What is Oregon Career Information System (CIS)?

The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) provides a system of occupational and educational information to help Oregonians learn about the world of work and education. Schools use CIS with their students to assist them with the process of career planning or career transition. The information that Oregon CIS develops is comprehensive; for example:

  • Current employment, wages, outlook, hiring practices, preparation, and licensing, in addition to the skills, abilities, and knowledge required, are reported for each of over 600+ occupation titles. These occupations cover over 95% of the labor market in Oregon.
  • Every postsecondary program of study or training offered in Oregon is described within one of over 600 program categories. More than 150 topics of information, from admission requirements and costs to services for students with disabilities, are provided for each postsecondary school in Oregon. Similar information is included about national two-year, four-year, and graduate institutions.
  • A complete scholarship and a financial aid database that lists national, state, and local awards is available along with a tool to sort the entries based upon an individual’s characteristics.
  • CIS also includes information about self-employment, job search, industries, and the military as an employer.

CIS was built to remove barriers so that Oregonians can create accurate and actionable career and education plans. CIS is a time-tested, Oregon-grown system of the highest quality, integrity, and value. Self-supporting for over 40 years, Oregon CIS served as the model for the creation of all state CIDS nationally.

Save all of your career and college research on your own CIS account!

Students create their CIS accounts with Mrs. Graetsch during one-on-one meetings with her in 9th and 10th grade. If you need help logging in to your account, contact Mrs. Graetsch.

Students will use their CIS accounts throughout high school to create their personalized education plan that is used in their Senior Project, which must be completed senior year.

Your login information should follow this format:

  • Username: firstname.lastname
  • Password: Your initials (capital first, lower case second) followed by your student ID number

The CIS homepage looks like this:

Big picture

The CIS junior year landing page looks like this:

Big picture

Work through all of the steps and save information about yourself and your goals for the future:

You can print your Personalized Education Plan (PEP) each year on CIS.

Big picture

Use all of the tabs on the toolbar to explore careers and colleges. Save careers and colleges to your portfolio so you can refer back to them later!

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What else can I do on CIS?

  1. Work your way through the assessments under the "Exploration" tab.
  2. Explore specific careers under the "Occupations" tab. The "Compare Occupations" tool is especially helpful when comparing a few careers.
  3. Explore your education options under the "Education" tab. "Compare Oregon Schools" and "Compare US Schools" are very useful tools to quickly compare colleges.
  4. Search for job information under the "Employment" tab.
  5. View everything you have completed on CIS and careers and colleges you saved under the "My Portfolio" tab.

Save the careers and colleges that interest you:

What about military careers? CIS has a large amount of military information under the "Occupations" tab:

Alright, what can I do next???

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Make sure to take the SAT or ACT at the end of your junior year. Register yourself online and ask your counselor for a fee waiver if you qualify.

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Look ahead to your college financial aid and scholarship options. Save scholarships to apply for during your senior year. The more you do now, the less overwhelmed you will feel during your senior year.

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Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid after October 1st of your senior year. Use the FAFSA4caster now to estimate your federal student aid.

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Use this information to help prepare yourself to apply to colleges in the fall of your senior year. November is College Application Week. Check deadlines and admissions requirements now to get prepared for next year.