FOR SALE - Lots of land!

Asking price: $10,689,600

Buy now, before it's gone!

Land for sale! A very spacious area. Right beside a school and a park. Lots of value and at a great location too! The area outlined in red is all yours.
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Construction of a house

For sale now for $10,689,600

House tour
In these videos, Every block represents 1 meter (excluding the interior of the house)

How many houses? What's it worth?

On this giant piece of land, you can (if you follow everything we recommend) fit around 32 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom houses. Their base area is approximately 399m2. Each house is 15mx26m.
Plotting houses speedy!

Open field! Check it out...

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 12-4am

285 Great Lakes Dr

Brampton, ON

Come one, come all! This field is for sale, and now you have a chance to take a look at it for yourself! Take a look at the fine details, ask our employees any questions you may have or just soak in the beauty. The beauty that may soon be yours. Hope to see you there!

Full house analysis

  • 4 Car driveway
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • 390m2 area
  • 82m perimeter
  • Single garage
  • Detached
  • A/C-YES
  • Fireplace-NO
  • Pool-NO
  • Backyard-YES
These features are based on what we recommend in houses you plan to construct and sell on the field.

Few longer houses in middle have bigger backyards and cost 3,000 more. $420,000 is the total price for those ones. 6 of them are bigger.

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